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A special report on Egypt from The Economist After three decades of economic progress but political paralysis, change is in the air
After three decades of economic progress but political paralysis, change is in the air, says Max Rodenbeck
Interview with Essam al-Arian, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau
What are the Brotherhood’s priorities regarding political participation, particularly after the election of the new Guidance Council, which many had expected to focus more on internal organization?
Web Chat with Egyptian Activist on the Ground
Khaled Saeed, a 28-year old man, refused to show Egyptian police his ID in a random raid on an Internet cafe in Alexandria. In response, the police dragged him out into the street and beat him to death, in plain view of witnesses. It turns out that Saeed had posted a video exposing police officers doling out the spoils of a drug bust. The Egyptian Ministry has claimed that Saeed is a drug addict, and his cause of death was choking on a joint -- this despite numerous eye-witness accounts and videos of the incident. Today at 12:30, Human Rights First is hosting a chat with Nora Younis, an award-winning activist in Egypt, to discuss this case and the broader question of government repression in Egypt. Nora was at protests following the murder and watched as police came down on protesters with further violence. Join us here or on ustream at 12:30. Send us your questions on Twitter @humanrights1st #khaledsaeed.
Richard Falk, Huwaida Arraf & Norman Finkelstein on the Freedom Flotilla
In the middle of the night Monday, Israeli commandos boarded ships in the "Freedom Flotilla" attempting to bring humanitarian aid to residents of still-blockaded Gaza. The aggressive response by Israel turned deadly, after with at least nine activists killed. The international community has reacted with shock and outrage; protests have erupted around the world outside Israeli embassies, with protesters even teargassed in Paris. Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled a meeting with President Obama and headed back to Israel to do damage control, and Turkey, from where the flotilla departed, has recalled its ambassador and issued a travel warning to its citizens. Huwaida Arraf was on one of the ships; she joins us via phone from Ramallah, along with Norman Finkelstein, to tell us what happened to her and offer some analysis on the situation. Then we speak to Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, for more on the international reaction and the U.S.'s involvement. Finally, Laura reminds us all of some words on the U.S./Israel relationship from General David Petraeus. Source: GRITtv
Dan Bull - Nothing On Jews [an open letter to Benjamin Netanyahu]
I'm not the kind of guy that you would likely see criticising anybody, unless I believed that they deserve to be told I disagree with something that they've done specifically Now I'm alright with some types of piracy but not the violent type you find on the high seas Why fight your allies in times of peace then hide behind a pile of lies like you were trying to police? So it's okay for you to go crazily overboard with excessive use of force? Though sticks and stones may break your bones they don't provoke a massacre with no remorse But never mind that, don't give it another thought 'cause provididing aid's clearly an act of war. You should do anything, no matter how debauched to stop support from ever getting to your ports. I knew a Jewish girl, and she was a pearl. What I'm trying to say is that I've got no hatred I've got nothing on Jews, baby. This is aimed at The Jewish State, yeah It's like I have witnessed Zionism's Rennaissance You and your mates in the States really get along. They veto anything that doesn't let you get what you want even if it's sending planes to bomb Lebanon. Or a naval blockade dawn raid with every weapon drawn treating aid workers as agents of Hezbollah. Your reputation is tainted for evermore Stop... have a think about it You've attacked Lebanon, you've attacked Egypt Even to Syria you're dealing blows You've attacked Jordan, you've had a war with every bordering country I know. British Israeli relations are so low so I hope I don't become another Shlomo. This song's never going to win a MOBO even though I flow like the oil to the shores of the Gulf coast or the blood in the waters of your coast I knew a Jewish girl, and she was a pearl. What I'm trying to say is that I've got no hatred I've got nothing on Jews, baby. This is aimed at The Jewish State, yeah To Zion
IOF Navy Massacres Freedom Flotilla Passengers in International Waters
Support Freedom Flotilla http://gazafreedommarch.org/cms/en/fl... In 3 languages, the Israeli Navy massacres 20 unarmed international humanitarian activists in international waters and injures dozens. The Freedom Flotilla had European MPs, priests, people from many nationalities, including Israeli, and 10,000 tons of aid to the 3-year besieged Gaza
Previewing Egypt's Upcoming Elections
With the approach of the 2010 Egyptian parliamentary elections and 2011 presidential election, the opposition has been reinvigorated, especially since the arrival of former IAEA Chief Inspector Mohamed ElBaradei. The Carnegie Middle East Center’s Amr Hamzawy discussed the significance of upcoming elections and challenges facing the Egyptian opposition in the months ahead with Jeremy Sharp of the Congressional Research Service. Carnegie’s Michele Dunne moderated.
Khairat Al-Shater, 10 years in prison, is it not time to set him free?
Al-Shater holds no grudges and has and always will follow his path for freedom and human rights for the well being of Egypt and his fellow countrymen regardless of the sacrifices and hardships. He has full faith in Allah the Almighty.
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