Ghozlan: Mubarak's Regime Stood in the Way of Shalit's Swap
Ghozlan: Mubarak's Regime Stood in the Way of Shalit's Swap
Prisoner released in exchange for Shalit video remains in solitary confinement
Hamas: Netanyahu wants to relieve Shalit-related pressure on him
Hamas: don't give in on Shalit – by Khalid Amayreh
Hamdan: Hamas is adherent to its demands for the release of Shalit
Herzog: Freedom Flotilla will reach Gaza if there are pledges to release Shalit
Ghoul: Shalit's freedom conditional to release of old-serving prisoners
Masri: Shalit to be released only after captors conditions are met
Askool: Ki-moon’s intent to visit Shalit father political hypocrisy
Zahhar: Hamas has not closed door in face of a Shalit deal
The Release of Gilad Shalit
Israeli radio: Ramallah and Washington hinder the Shalit deal
Fadwa: We have full confidence in Palestinians negotiating Shalit deal
A reading in Gilad Shalit's Video
Muzzaini: Shalit’s whereabouts only known by a few
Hamas: No change in list of prisoners to be freed in return for Shalit
Ministry of prisoners: Press reports on Shalit deal unfounded
Red Cross slammed for calling on Hamas to let Shalit be in touch with his family
Mizeini: No progress in Shalit file unless demands are met
European campaign: The siege lifting should not be linked to Shalit
Expert: Truce Should be Based on 1996 April Deal, Shalit Should be Handed to France
Peres says talks on Shalit resumed but no progress was achieved
Hamas Leader Denies Transferring Shalit File to a Foreign Agent
Al-Zahar: Hamas Won 5-Day War, Will Release Shalit if Conditions Met
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