Khudari: The Israeli navy intercepted the Libyan aid ship
Khudari: Facts on the ground belie occupation claims that the blockade was eased
Khudari: Palestinians entitled to sea route linking Gaza to outside world
Khudari appeals to EU to demand an end to the siege on Gaza
Khudari: Ten sea convoys to Gaza being organized
Khudari calls for international protection for Freedom Flotilla
Khudari calls on Egypt to keep the Rafah border crossing open
Khudari: Gaza is still under siege, Freedom Flotilla on humanitarian mission
Khudari: Freedom Flotilla adamant on reaching Gaza
Khudari: Israel’s threat to target anti-siege ships reflects its weakness
Break siege ships to head to Turkey, Greece then Gaza, Khudari hails step
Khudari calls in Lebanon for official Arab action to lift siege on Gaza
Khudari: 1,000 containers of goods at Israel’s ports are exposed to damage
Khudari calls for activating popular support for the Palestinians
Khudari: Israel is lying about its intention to allow cement into Gaza
Khudari describes Ellison's statement as positive
Khudari: 60 percent of Gaza children suffer malnutrition and anemia
Khudari: The uprising of ships to be renewed by int’l relief foundations
Khudari asks for practical steps to end the siege
Khudari urges Ki-moon to take action to end Gaza siege
Khudari calls for practical steps to end the siege
Khudari: occupation denies Gaza 85% of its needs
Khudari: Israel will not succeed in polishing its image
Khudari: Clinton's statement on Gaza siege not enough
Khudari welcomes Baird's plan to break the siege on Gaza
Khudari warns of IOF escalation in targeting Palestinian fishermen
Khudari welcomes Lavrov's call for ending Gaza siege
Khudari urges donor institutions to open offices in Gaza.
Khudari: Lifeline solidarity message
Khudari: Qatari, Turkish institutions approve financing project for the disabled
Khudari appeals to world’s labor unions to support Gaza workers
Khudari meets with delegation of int’l council of Swedish industry
Khudari calls for forming European parliamentary committee against siege
Khudari: Rebuilding Gaza can only start when crossings are opened
Khudari: the trickle of food supplies allowed into Gaza not enough
MP Khudari hails Euro parliament for not voting to raise relations with Israel
Khudari: Ships will continue to sail to Gaza
Khudari: Limited quantities of fuel, food did not change the tragic conditions
Khudari asks UN chief to exercise real pressures on IOA to end Gaza siege
Khudari warns of growing popular outrage at Gaza siege
Khudari: Israel declares war on Palestinian children
Khudari: Gaza out of wheat
Khudari warns: Gaza population might march towards crossings
Khudari: Israel occupation disregards int’l appeals when it allows in 30 trucks
Khudari calls on Ban Ki-moon to visit Gaza
Khudari: World should intervene to stop the genocide in Gaza
Khudari calls for forming international pressure groups to end siege on Gaza
Khudari: Bakeries to close down within 48 hours
Khudari: Electricity station’s stoppage entails humanitarian disaster
Khudari: New anti-siege boat to set sail from Cyprus on Friday
Khudari denounces delaying entry of Euro delegation into Gaza
Khudari: Solidarity boat to arrive in Gaza on Wednesday
Khudari deplores Israel for barring doctors from entering Gaza
Lawmaker Alkhudari blames Israel for slow movement at Gaza’s crossings
Khudari: Allowing limited quantities of fuel into Gaza doesn’t end crises
Khudari: More dangers looming in Gaza due to the acute shortage of fuel
MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee against the siege, warned Tuesday that the co
Khudari: Palestinian people waiting for decisive Arab summit decisions
Khudari addressing Italian rally: Palestinians in need of support
Khudari lays cornerstone for memorial to siege victims in Gaza
Khudari: Conditions in Gaza on the brink of collapse
Khudari asks all Palestinian parties to respond favorably to Egyptian invitation
MP Khudari warns: Gaza to plunge into darkness anew within few hours
Khudari: Gaza on the brink of human disaster
Khudari: Int’l community must rescind economic sanctions on Palestinians
Khudari calls on EU officials to pressure Israel to supply Gaza with fuel