Kafr El-Sheik
Muslim Brotherhood Slams Latest Death Sentences Against Kafr El-Sheikh Stadium Youths.
Kafr El-Sheikh Death Row Political Detainees in Day 6 of Hunger Strike
Brotherhood Leader Gazzar and 82 Morsi Supporters Arrested in Kafr El-Sheikh
FJP in Kafr El-Sheikh Accuses Rebel, Salvation Front of Looting and Torching Property
Dr. Morsi in Kafr El-Sheikh: I Am Confident of Judges’ Ability to Stop Fraud in Runoff
Dr. Morsi, in Kafr El-Sheikh: Egypt Will Never Again Become a Den of Corrupt Cronies
Abduction of Thirteen MB Members in Kafr El-Sheikh
Five Arrested and Four Injured in New Security Attacks against MB in Kafr El-Sheikh
Abduction of MB leader in Zagazig and raid on another's house in Kafr El-Sheikh
Egypt: the arrest of a group of imams, Kafr El-Sheikh March 31, 2010
And the episode of unjust detentions of MB leaders continues, this time in Kafr el-Sheik.
8 cases of Bird and Swine Flu in Kafr el-Sheikh
Gov’t Arrests Two MB Leaders in Kafr El-Sheikh Despite of Court Acquittal
Four MB Activists Arrested In Luxor, Kafr El-Sheikh
Security Seige On Kafr El-Sheikh University Prior To April 6th Strike
Security Forces Kidnap MB Leader in Kafr El-Sheikh
Large Scale MB Members Arrests In Kafr El-Sheikh, Alexandria
Kafr el-Sheikh: Detaining Eight, Pursuing Sheishaa’s Supporters
MB Candidate In Kafr el-Sheikh Stands For "People’s Assembly" Supplementary Elections
MB Candidate: Detentions Of MB Members In Kafr el-Sheikh Prove Regime’s Failure To Face MB
Kafr el-Sheikh: SSI Holds Maher Adul Azeem, Detains MB Leader
Kafr El-Sheikh Farmers Protest Against Cumulative Taxes
38 Muslim Brothers Jailed in Kafr El-Sheikh, One Arrested in Alex
Two Muslim Brotherhood Members Arrested in Kafr El-Sheikh
Fraud Preparations in Kafr el-Sheikh
Detentions in Kafr el-Sheikh
Security Blockage in el-Daqhlia, Kafr el-Sheikh, Dametta
Police Open fire in Kafr el-Sheikh
Kafr el-Sheikh: Judges Resisted Boxes Replacement