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by: Yoginder Sikand 2009-7-16
El-Affendi recognizes continued injustices directed by others against Muslims, as in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq, and also admits that violence in the name of Islam is often a response or reaction to the oppression of Western powers and of their client regimes in the Muslim world. Yet, he suggests, reacting to this with indiscriminate counter-violence, as some Islamist groups have, is not in line with Quranic teachings. Further, he adds, ‘The quest for the moral high ground is for ..

by: Yoginder Sikand 2008-3-16
Christian Zionism, a variant of Christian fundamentalism, is today a major global force to reckon with. Christian Zionists are a key player in American (and to a lesser extent, Western European) politics...

by: Yoginder Sikand 2008-2-5
While on a recent visit to Delhi, I chanced upon an Urdu book whose title, Tehrik-i-Islami Ko Darpesh Siyasi Challenge (’The Political Challenges Before the Islamic Movement’, immediately attracted my attention. Written originally in Arabic by a leading Arab Islamist ideologue, Mustafa Muhammad Tahan, it is, as I discovered as I leafed through it, an interesting appeal for redefining and reappraising Islamist politics...

by: Yoginder Sikand 2008-1-28
This paper is not a rigorously argued or academically-grounded presentation. Rather, it seeks to lay out some stray thoughts that come to the mind as I reflect on my involvement in writing about issues related to Muslims and inter-community relations in India over almost two decades. ..

by: Yoginder Sikand 2008-1-15
Separate madrasas for Muslim girls are a relatively recent phenomenon in India. Although the number of such madrasas is still small, there is a distinct trend towards setting up more such institutions, both that provide only religious education, as well as those that combine both Islamic and modern subjects...