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by: S.Abadi 2007-10-25
State Security Police arrested on Wednesday morning, Oct, 24th, 2007, Ehab Al Sayed Ahmed Toaima, the manager of the office of MP, Dr. Farid Ismail, a member of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc for Fakous constituency,..

by: S.Abadi 2007-10-9
Dr. Alaa Makki, chairman of the education committee in Iraqi parliament, confirmed that more than 300 Iraqi scientists have been gunned down by armed militias and death squads and more than 3000 Iraqi scientists migrated...

by: S.Abadi 2007-9-5

* The war against terrorism serves only US policy
* Egyptian regime has began to collapse
* Al-Qaeda is not a thought, it is a phenomenon that will end

Youssef Nada’s name has been linked to US campaign against terror in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy...

by: S.Abadi 2007-8-6
Egyptian Security Forces stormed the room of Violette Daguerre, the chairperson of the Arab Committee fro Human Rights, in the Cairo downtown hotel of Shepherd. The forces seized some of her personal belongings...

by: S.Abadi 2007-8-5
The Egyptian Security Forces have arrested 14 Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders today (Sunday 5, August, 2007) at dawn...

by: S.Abadi 2007-8-4
Mauritanian authorities licenced 18 political parties including a party representing the moderate Islamic movement, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), as a curtain raiser for a new political stage the country is witnessing after toppling the regime of Maaouiya Ould Taya in the summer of 2005 ...

by: S.Abadi 2007-7-25
Iraq Accordance Front (IAF) declared suspending its membership in Nouri Al-Maliki-led government. ..

by: S.Abadi 2007-7-22
At the early morning of Sunday (July, 22, 2007), the Egyptian security forces have arrested 22 Alexandria Muslim Brotherhood members while they were in their summer resort in Mersa Matrouh...

by: S.Abadi 2007-6-6
Foiled Arrest Against Afaq Arabiya’s Editor-In-Chief..

by: S.Abadi 2007-6-6
Abdul Moneim Abdul Maqsoud, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) lawyer, confirmed that the overall number of MB members detained since the group declared participating in the Shura Council elections is up to 503...

by: S.Abadi 2007-6-6
Egyptian state security forces arrested on Tuesday evening a number Muslim Brotherhood members from the constituency of Quasna and Birket El-Sab, Monofiya, from villages of Al Agaeza, Hureen, Shantana Al-Hagar, district of Birket El-Sab and Quasna, Monofiya...