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by: S. Abbadi 2007-11-6
Dr Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy politburo chief of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, denied reports published by the London based "Al-Hayat " on Monday, Nov, 5th, 2007, that he held a phone call with Mohammad Dahlan..

by: S. Abbadi 2007-10-27
Iraqi veep, Tarek Al Hashemi, confirmed that there is still desire for participating in Iraqi government but after reforming the status quo on the ground and particularly with a "real" participation in power, respecting the constitution and respecting constitutional powers given to the presidency...

by: S. Abbadi 2007-9-24
Abu Serag Al Dhahab said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the Movement for the Society of Peace is in the last stage of preparing for the municipal elections...

by: S. Abbadi 2007-9-22
In Egypt, detentions, military tribunals are the fate of Muslim Brotherhood…In Jordan, a clash between MB and the governments….In Syria,..

by: S. Abbadi 2007-9-19
Sami Abu Zuhri, spokesman of Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, denied reports that there is any contact between the movement and Israeli occupation, calling such reports "mere lies that aim to defame the movement". ..

by: S. Abbadi 2007-9-18
With the start of the first semester, Asyut university administration referred 14 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students at the Faculty of Engineering to a disciplinary board because they are receiving,..

by: S. Abbadi 2007-9-16
Abdul Karim Al Sameraie, Iraqi member of parliament member and a member of the Iraqi Islamic Party’s (IIP) political bureau, confirmed that Al-Qaeda network in Iraq has reached a level of bankruptcy and that its end in Iraq is so near...

by: S. Abbadi 2007-9-16
Egyptian security services have blocked the Iftar (breaking the fasting day of Ramadan) party annually held by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group...

by: S. Abbadi 2007-9-1
Dr. Nasser Al Sane, a member of the Kuwaiti National Assembly and a top leader in the Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM), the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Kuwait , confirmed that the bad relation between the National Assembly and government may be attributed to several internal and external parties that want tension to continue clouding the Kuwaiti political arena . ..

by: S. Abbadi 2007-8-20
Zaki Bin Arsheed, the secretary general of the Islamic Action Front Party (IAF) said that they are yet to decide on whether to take part in the parliamentary elections and that there are several voices inside the group demanding a boycott unless Jordanian government gives sufficient guarantees to secure fairness of the election process...

by: S. Abbadi 2007-8-11
16 torture cases committed in police stations have been revealed nationwide in one single month by media and Human Rights Organizations. The various methods of torture included electric shocks, illegal detention like the case of Al-Muntazah police station in Alexandria,..