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by: Robert Parry 2010-4-22
The next time CNN’s Wolf Blitzer boasts about George W. Bush’s “successful surge” in Iraq or Newsweek hails “Victory at Last,” you should think of the video released by Wikileaks.org this week showing the killing of a group of Iraqi men, including two Reuters newsmen, as they walked nonchalantly through the streets of Baghdad, says Robert Parry...

by: Robert Parry 2010-3-18
In a phrase that the neocons used in the 1980s to demonize Americans who criticized Ronald Reagan’s bloody policies in Central America, it could be said that the Washington Post’s editorial writers are 'blaming America first' – and largely taking the side of Israel, notes Robert Parry...

by: Robert Parry 2010-2-5
Americans are drenched in right-wing messaging, which stresses that the enemy is Big Government, not Big Business. The anti-government propaganda seeks to make sure that no meaningful restrictions will be placed on the power of corporations to hold sway over the lives of average citizens, notes Robert Parry...

by: Robert Parry 2010-1-31
Over the past several decades, the American Right has assembled such an array of political weaponry – ranging from a vast propaganda apparatus that defines 'reality' for tens of millions of Americans to specialized attack groups that can target troublesome figures in the press or academia – that it’s hard to envision how this powerful grip on US democracy can now be broken, notes Robert Parry...

by: Robert Parry 2009-12-9
Bush’s 'surge' increased the Iraqi violence in late spring 2007, including a spike in US casualties, and that only a political-military decision to pull back from offensive operations that summer began the gradual reduction in the killing. That drop has grown dramatic since mid-2009 when US forces withdrew to bases on the edge of the cities, notes Robert Parry...

by: Robert Parry 2009-12-8
Because of the Iraq calamity, other elements of the neocon vision of remaking the Middle East were put on hold...