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by: Reuters 2005-10-19

Egypt opposition wants foreign election monitors
By Tom Perry

CAIRO – Egyptian opposition groups which have formed an alliance to fight November parliamentary elections want international human rights organisations to monitor the vote, a member of the alliance said on Wednesday.
George Ishak said the alliance that includes his Kefaya protest movement would ask..

by: Reuters 2005-10-19

Egypt gives main oppn group more space before election
CAIRO — Egyptian authorities are giving the outlawed main opposition group unusual leeway in the run-up to parliamentary elections, in what the group says is an attempt to enhance the vote’s credibility.

The group’s activists were arrested and their supporters blocked from voting in Egypt’s last parliamentary elections in 199..

by: Reuters 2005-11-6

Egypt’s Copts feel neglected as election nears

By Mohammed Abbas

CAIRO (Reuters) - Coptic Christians and Muslims clapped, cheered and beat drums at a rally for a Coptic candidate in Egypt’s November parliamentary elections, but amid talk of unity some spoke in hushed voices of sectarian tensions.

A Coptic candidate in Alexandria withdrew his name last month after three p..

by: Reuters 2005-11-8

Mubarak’s son stands out in Egypt campaign
By Tom Perry

CAIRO (Reuters) - The son of Egypt’s president has stood out on the campaign trail for legislative elections, further building his image as one of the country’s most influential men and a possible future head of state.

Many opposition figures and analysts now take it as given that Gamal Mubarak aims to lead the Arab worl..

by: Reuters 2005-11-10
(Reuters) - Egypt holds the first stage of parliamentary elections on Wednesday that could decide who can run for president in the Arab world’s most populous nation during the next five years...

by: Reuters 2005-11-11

Egypt police arrest 7 in Islamist election protest

CAIRO (Reuters) - Police arrested seven Egyptians taking part in a Muslim Brotherhood protest on Friday against what the Islamist opposition group says were rigged legislative elections, a police source said.

The banned but tolerated Brotherhood fielded some 50 candidates as independents in the first round of the elections on We..

by: Reuters 2005-11-15

Islamists take on Mubarak’s party in Egypt vote 

CAIRO - Islamists take on Egypt’s ruling party on Tuesday in legislative election run-offs, after showing their strength at the ballot box by securing places in the
second round of voting for dozens of parliamentary seats.

Muslim Brotherhood candidates will compete in head-to-head contests for 42 seats on Tuesday..

by: Reuters 2005-11-16

Egypt candidate supporters burn ruling party office
CAIRO, Nov 16 (Reuters) - Supporters of an independent candidate in Egypt’s parliamentary elections attacked and burnt the headquarters of the ruling party in a lower income Cairo district, witnesses and police said on Wednesday.

The witnesses said the attack by a group of between 30 and 50 men on the one-storey building t..

by: Reuters 2005-12-25
The leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has said that when he called the Holocaust a myth this week, he did not mean to say it never happened but wanted to highlight the West’s attitude toward democracy...

by: Reuters 2006-2-18

Britain denied on Friday reports that its diplomats had been told to open contacts with Egypt’s Islamist Muslim Brotherhood movement.

A Foreign Office spokesman said the only direct contact his government had was with independent parliament members, without denying that these could include Brotherhood sympathizers.

The New Statesman magazine on Thursday published what it said we..

by: Reuters 2006-4-15

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said on Friday that financial pressure from an "unholy alliance" led by the United States will not bring down the new Hamas government.

Tens of thousands of Hamas supporters poured onto Gaza’s streets after Friday prayers to attend Hamas-sponsored rallies protesting aid cuts by the European Union and the United States.

Asserting ..

by: Reuters 2006-4-18

A leading member of Egypt’s opposition Muslim Brotherhood today said he saw no harm in an Iranian nuclear weapon because it would help restore the balance between Israel and the Arab and Muslim world.

Mohamed Habib, deputy leader of Egypt’s main opposition group, told Reuters that Washington’s motive for opposing Iran’s nuclear programme was to ensure Israel’s survival and military domi..

by: Reuters 2006-12-11
The grainy video purports to show an Egyptian man, naked from the waist down, writhing in agony as he is sodomised with a stick by a police officer. A handful of other officers stand by watching.

The video, which circulated on Egyptian blogs last month, has sparked uproar on the Internet in a country where rights groups say torture is commonplace in police stations. Authorities say such c..

by: Reuters 2007-1-7
An Egyptian court on Saturday rejected appeals by 12 political parties against the decision of a committee dominated by the country’s ruling party that denied them official recognition, judicial sources said.
They said the Supreme Administrative Court ruled that the 12 groups fell short of meeting new requirements to set up political parties in Egypt, where the National Democratic Party (NDP) o..

by: Reuters 2007-1-28

Ikhwanweb opposes Egyptian government’s clamp on freedom of expression and demands the release of blogger Abdel Karim Suleiman and all prisoners of conscience. Whether Abdel Karim’s writings "defame" Islam or not is something that should of have been handled by scholars not by police officers an..

by: Reuters 2007-2-27

Egypt and the European Union have patched up a disagreement over human rights, enabling them to sign a “neighbourhood action plan” in Brussels on March 6, officials said yesterday.
The Egyptian government had tried to exclude any discussion of individual human rights cases in the dialogue envisaged in the plan, which is tied to an aid package worth 558mn euros ($735mn) over the next four yea..