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by: Patrick Seale 2011-4-30
Political pan-Arabism was a failure. Will poplar pan-Arabism be more successful? Will Arab solidarity be more than an empty slogan? Three developments are necessary at this historic moment if the Arab Revolution is to succeed, writes Patrick Seale...

by: Patrick Seale 2010-2-23
Abu Mazen, president of the Palestinian Authority, is in deep trouble. He is in search of a strategy. After visits to Germany, Britain and Russia in recent months, and consultations with Arab leaders, he is coming to Paris on 21-22 February in what looks like an increasingly desperate bid for support...

by: Patrick Seale 2010-2-13
Arab states have no wish to see a nuclear-capable Iran, but they are far more frightened of an Iranian-Israeli war, which could have devastating consequences for the security and stability of the region and for Arab oil exports. The more Iran is threatened, the more defiant it becomes -- and the more remote the chance of an agreement, notes Patrick Seale...

by: Patrick Seale 2010-2-2
The new Afghan strategy marks a fresh start but great obstacles to a peaceful settlement - and no doubt a lot more fighting - still lie ahead, says Patrick Seale...

by: Patrick Seale 2010-1-10
Many experts believe that provoking the West into attacking Muslim countries is precisely al-Qaeda’s strategy...

by: Patrick Seale 2009-12-8
No objective observer can claim that Netanyahu’s partial freeze is anything but a cynical manoeuvre...

by: Patrick Seale 2009-11-7
One way and another, a resurgent Turkey is rewriting the rules of the power game in the Middle East, in a positive and non-confrontational manner. This is one of the few bright spots in a turbulent and highly-inflammable Middle East, says Patrick Seale...

by: Patrick Seale 2009-3-28
Obama has chosen to focus on four interconnected subjects: the deadlocked Arab-Israeli conflict; the fraught relationship with Iran; the tangle of problems in Afghanistan and Pakistan; and the urgent need to restore respect for America’s system of justice..

by: Patrick Seale 2008-8-3
Amid the clamour and blood-letting in the Middle East - carnage in Iraq, fratricidal brawls in the Palestinian territories, Lebanon’s unhealed wounds and so much more - another less publicised battle is being waged: that of enlightened Arab intellectuals against the mindless taboos and conservative governments under which many of them live...