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by: Mohammed Aly, Ikhwanweb 2005-11-2

Abu el-Fotoh: Reform is Product of Cooperative Efforts
Dr. Abdel Monam Abu el-Fotoh, a member of the Supreme Council of the Moslem Brotherhood and the General Secretary of the Arab Physicians’ Union, proclaimed that the upcoming parliamentary election is the turning point of the Egyptian political life. He also stressed that the Moslem Brotherhood, in participation with other political power..

by: Mohammed Aly, Ikhwanweb 2006-5-14

The Palestinian Prime Minister Isma`il Haniyya announced that `Umar `Abd Al-Raziq, the Minister of Finance, informed him that he received a treasury of no budget, rather it is over burdened by a high debt and a financial deficit. However, during the first meeting of the government in the headquarters of the Palestinian presidency in Gaza, Haniyya asserted that the government would exert all eff..

by: Mohammed Aly, Ikhwanweb 2006-5-23

The Egyptian prime minister statements that Muslim Brotherhood (MB) deputies will not be allowed to act in parliament as Muslim Brothers and that any succes..

by: Mohammed Aly, Ikhwanweb 2006-5-24

As a way to protest on the unjust way, the honored judges were treated with because they refused to submit to the government and approve the forging actions during elections and the referendum to the extent that they used violence against them.

by: Mohammed Aly, Ikhwanweb 2006-7-9

All those concerned with the political situation in Egypt thought that Egypt is on its way to a genuine political reform, but matters turned out to be getting worse day by day, with the amendments introduced on article 76 as being convincing evidence that these amendments have been made only to restrict the political life and work in favor of the ruling elite. This can also show clearly in the ..

by: Mohammed Aly, Ikhwanweb 2006-8-9

With the aggression on Lebanon turning its second month, many observers and those concerned with the Lebanese affairs ask if the resistance could withstand the Israeli aggression and whither the storm in general. Owing to this and other questions, Ikhwanweb conducted an interview with Sheikh Faisal Molawy the secretary general of the Lebanese Islamic Group (the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Lebanon)...

by: Mohammed aly, Ikhwanweb 2006-8-19

Egyptian Ghad Party Ayman Nour stood for president in the multi presidential election in Egypt last year and finished second, winning 10 % of the electoral votes. Now Nour spends a five year sentence after he was convicted of issuing forged powers of attorney to party members, charges which Nour and his family still deny. His
health is deteriorating, with his wife Gameela Ismael accusing th..

by: Mohammed Aly, Ikhwanweb 2006-8-22

MB Parliamentary Bloc Member Mohsen Radhi said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that failure of the government to swiftly bring those implicated in the recent ferry disaster early this year led to laxity and negligence which caused today’s disaster ” Such accidents have proved Egyptian government’s disregard of the souls of the poor, since such accidents only take place in the second and third ..

by: Mohammed Aly, Ikhwanweb 2006-8-23

A poll conducted and included 15 prominent Hollywood stars showed that eight of them are against the war on Lebanon while two called for the stop of war, citing its horrific repercussions. One of Hollywood stars, Anthony Hopkins, lashed out at Israel, saying that its name amounts to war and destruction. He blamed the US for its support ..

by: Mohammed Aly, Ikhwanweb 2006-11-7

 Al Nahda Islamic Movement today November 6, 2006, announced that the authorities have released 53 of its members, some of them have been in prison for over 15 years, including Mohammed el Akroot and Al Habib Alloaz who were jailed in el Marnakeya Prison.

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Chairman of the movement Mr. Rashed el Ghanoushi said that the release of the 5..