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by: Mariam Ali 2008-12-13
Roula Khalaf in her latest feature for the Financial Times argues that Arab democracy has been dealt a blow with the continuous exclusion and crackdown on moderate Islamists who represent the major opposition parties in the Arab world. ..

by: Mariam Ali 2008-8-28
The interview with Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mohamed Habib published in Pajamas media on Sunday has stimulated several debates about the existence of the so called “Muslim Brotherhood fronts” in the US. Because the interview was misinterpreted by some observers, Dr. Habib responded with the following statement to Ikhwanweb,..

by: Mariam Ali 2008-8-16
In a confusing account of Al Qaeda mastermind Khaled Sheikh Mohamed’s “terrorist history”, the Financial Times has most strangely stated that Mohamed “claims” to have joined the Muslim Brotherhood at an early age and then was “radicalized at youth camps.”..

by: Mariam Ali 2008-7-24
Cairo, Egypt - Since June, Egypt’s government and Islamist opposition parties have been trading barbs over a new law designed to protect the rights of children. Reforms instituted by the law touch on issues ranging from children’s legal status to personal health issues. ..

by: Mariam Ali 2008-7-24
The Muslim Brotherhood places more hope on EU rather than U.S. in its efforts to promote understanding and dialogue between the Arab and Muslim worlds and the West, said MB Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib...

by: Mariam Ali 2008-7-15
Ahmad Maher is still hopeful. The 27-year-old engineer smiles as he recalls his conversation with a senior security official at the SSI headquarters in Lazoghli...

by: Mariam Ali 2008-6-13
The opposition of some Muslim Brotherhood MPs to the latest law criminalizing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) should not be misinterpreted as to suggest the Muslim Brotherhood supports FGM...

by: Mariam Ali 2008-5-11
The Higher State Security Prosecution decided Sunday to detain Dr. Mohamed Saber (MB vet, businessman, and leading member in Kalyoubiya governorate) and relief activist in Arish city Bassam Adam for 15 days. Their case was attached to that of Al Azhar Professor of Religious studies Al Faramawi. ..

by: Mariam Ali 2008-5-6
Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau member, expressed his disappointment at the law, and said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that it indicates the failure of the regime to resolve economic problems. The government should have rather tried to eliminate corruption and monopoly, he said. ..

by: Mariam Ali 2008-5-4
Though the call to stay at home on Sunday endorsed by the Muslim Brotherhood and Kifaya to protest political and economic crises was met with limited public participation, it has urged the government to consider some mechanisms to diffuse the public anger that preceded the strike, Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Chairman said in a lengthy statement to Ikhwanweb on Sunday. ..

by: Mariam Ali 2008-4-5
Amnesty International expressed its concern over the ongoing crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood ahead of April 8 local elections. It called for the release of the hundreds of MB potential candidates and activists “immediately and unconditionally,”..

by: Mariam Ali 2008-4-5
The Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc will hold a press conference on Monday to announce the MB’s final stance towards the April 8 elections. ..

by: Mariam Ali 2008-4-4
In an interview with Ikhwanonline, Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, MB General Secretary, clarified several questions about a clear MB stance regarding the strike on Sunday April 6, which is organized by several opposition groups and textile workers...

by: Mariam Ali 2008-3-30
Human Rights Watch (HRW), strongly condemned Egypt’s clampdown against members and activists of the Muslim Brotherhood ahead of the local elections on April 8. Joe Stark, Middle East director at the New York based rights organization described the fierce crackdown as "shameless bid" by the government of President Hosni Mubarak and the ruling National Democratic Party to fix the vote. ..

by: Mariam Ali 2008-3-30
Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau member Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan was released today after Cairo Criminal Court acquitted him for the second time on Saturday, Ikhwanweb reporters said. ..

by: Mariam Ali 2008-3-29
Strong criticism of the human rights situation in Egypt and the ongoing crackdown on opposition was the dominant theme of a speech delivered by Saad Al-Katatny, head of Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, at Cairo’s press syndicate on Thursday. Although the speech came on the sidelines of Sixth Cairo Conference against Occupation, it was dominated by anger at the status quo that followed the surprising results of 2005 parliament elections, in which the MB won 20% of seats despite wide..

by: Mariam Ali 2008-3-29
MB urged in a statement it released at the heel of convening the Arab Summit in Syria today the Arab leaders to rethink the current mechanisms through which the Arab Summits are usually held to make them more effective and to better serve the best interests of the people. The Muslim Brotherhood expressed its concern that the decision by several Arab leaders to ignore the summit and send low level delegations during this critical time is a sign of “serious defect” in their judgment, acc..

by: Mariam Ali 2008-3-28
Despite the flagrant violation of freedom of belief in Wilders’ speeches and his movie, Muslim Brotherhood statements called for avoiding riots and violent reactions and concentrating instead on a constructive dialogue with non-Muslims to refute the claims of Geert Wilders or anyone who misunderstands Islam...

by: Mariam Ali 2008-3-27
Dr. Mohamed Habib, deputy chairman of the MB, condemned the shooting of an Egyptian citizen and injuring two others in Suez Canal by US security personnel on board of the Global Patriot cargo ship on Monday, and called on Egyptian authorities to take necessary measures to prevent such incident from happening again..

by: Mariam Ali 2008-3-9
Ikhanweb editor, Khaled Hamza, was sent to Al Kasr Al Eni Hospital on Sunday for medical evaluation after suffering of extricating low back pain and shortness of breath in prison cell where he is detained..