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by: Khalil Alanani 2008-2-3
For more than three decades, fundamentalist religious organizations across the Arab world - such as the Islamic Group in Egypt, the Armed Islamic Group in Algeria, and Al-Qaeda - have monopolized global attention. Meanwhile, moderate currents faced - and continue to face - difficulty expressing themselves at the international level, even though they represent the mainstream essence of Islam...

by: Khalil Alanani 2007-10-2
only candidates from the handful of officially approved political parties will be eligible to take part in the presidential elections due in September 2005. ..

by: Khalil Alanani 2007-10-2
The way the Muslim Brotherhood views the United States Unlike other Islamic political groups, the Muslim Brotherhood is a pragmatic movement that relates in a level-headed manner with regional and international powers..

by: Khalil Alanani 2007-10-1
The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is undergoing notable changes in the context of its participation in the parliamentary elections currently taking place...

by: Khalil Alanani 2007-10-1
The conflict between the Muslim Brotherhood and the regime is happening on three fronts. Will this country implement Sharia (Islamic jurisdiction) in the fullest sense or not?..

by: Khalil Alanani 2007-10-1
the release of the political party prospectus, even in its preliminary draft form, represents a qualitative shift in the Brotherhood’s thinking...

by: Khalil Alanani 2007-10-1
When President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt announced on 26 February that he would introduce a measure of competition into his country’s presidential elections he took most observers and most of his compatriots by surprise,..