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by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2005-11-23

The pan-Arab, Saudi-owned newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat has published an op-ed by the Muslim Brotherhood’s number two, Mohammed Habib, outlining what a MB government would pursue in eight points...

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2006-5-24

I came across this unusual poll on the Muslim Brotherhood English-language website:


Obviously this is not representative of anything, but I find it interesting that the MB would ask this question on its own site, which obviously..

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2006-5-27

One of the big “disappointments,” if you can call it such, about yesterday’s 25 May demo in Cairo was that the Muslim Brotherhood was no-show. That meant that, aside from the 300 judges that stood silently in front of their Club to demand judicial independence, there were only a few hundred leftists activists in Central Cairo. I haven’t heard about what happened in other areas of Cairo, or in t..

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2006-5-27

It’s not the first time that Egyptian police rape people they arrest — it happened several times a few years ago when the security services were conducting a pogrom against homosexuals. But the sheer barbarity of using sticks to sodomize dissidents (a claim no..

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2006-5-27

Sumita Pahwa, one of the organizers of the Washington, DC, 25 May demo, writes about the day:

Ustaz Ibrahim and I got there a bit early to set things up, and within a few minutes there were two police-type cars there, which read “United States Secret Service - Uniformed Division” and the cops asked us what we were protesting about. Then a few minutes later a State Departme..

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2006-5-27

Three Egyptian journalists and a lawyer were charged by a criminal court for denouncing state-sponsored fraud in last year’s parliamentary elections, judicial sources told AFP.

Wael al-Ibrashi and Hoda Abu Bakr, both journalists with the independent Sawt al-Umma weekly, were charged with slandering a local electoral commission chief and publishing the..

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2006-6-16

Pro-democracy activist Ahmad El Droubi is to take legal action against his company, after he was dismissed for his political activism. Droubi had sent a

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2006-7-5

Recent editorials in the New York Times and Washington Post (among others) about how the Palestinians are getting their come-uppance in the current bombing of Gaza are so far removed from any semblance of reality and attempt at neutrality you have to wonder whether these newspapers don’t live in an alternate reality. They’re not even worth linking to, but

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2006-8-9

Darling of neo-cons Bernard Lewis, writing in the Wall Street Journal, pinpoints the precise date of the Iranian destruction of Israel and the end of times:

By BERNARD LEWIS, Wall Street Journal
August 8, 2006;
During the Cold War, both sides possessed weapons of mass destruction, but neither..

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2006-12-22

This is the speech I mentioned a couple of days ago… It should be noted that Fatah issued a statement that the speech had “inaccuracies,” but did not elaborate further.

Also available as Word document:

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2006-12-22

A new Pentagon report out yesterday describes the continuing disaster in Iraq. One item was on refugee flows. It says that:

“The numbers of refugees fleeing the violence are immense: 700,000 have fled to Jordan; 600,000 to Syria; 100,000 to Egypt; 40,000 to Lebanon, and 54,000 to Iran. Over 3,000 refugees per day are now appearing in Syria and Jordan.”

Renewing my ..

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2007-2-11
Isn’t it interesting that the MB, in an editorial on its English-language website, appeals to the Bush administration to do something about a group of senior members being sent to a military tribunal:

In astonishing step ..

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2007-2-24

I am catching a plane to Rome in about 20 minutes and have just discovered that Cairo airport finally has free wi-fi. Because of my travels I probably won’t be posting much until Tuesday. I did want to mention a debate I went to at AUC last night about the constitutional amendments and the Muslim Brotherhood. Kudos to the organizer for getting a nice panel of people — constitutional scholar Yeh..

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2007-3-9

The head of the very same Court imprisoned blogger Kareem Soliman will be appealing to next week is launching a lawsuit to get 21 blogs and websites blocked in Egypt. Un-believable:

Rumors have been reaching me for days now, and I received confirmation only today from lawyer Gamal Eid, executive manager of Arabic Network for Human Rights In..

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2007-4-4

An intriguing op-ed by a young Muslim Brother:

Egypt’s Two-Faced Regime: Not Secular, Not Islamic, Authoritarian

There is an increasing realization amongst Egypt’s opposition political factions that the regime has no ideol..

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2007-4-29

As they face one of the biggest crackdowns in decades and the military trial of some of their top funders begins, the Egyptian Muslim Brothers are attracting ever more attention. There is a

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2007-6-18
Some readers have written to ask why I am not writing about the recent events in Palestine. The main reason, aside from not having internet ..

by: Issandr El Amrani, Arabist 2007-6-23

The rabidly Zionist, MEMRI outlet, New York Sun has an interesting piece by Eli Lake, a reporter formerly based in Cairo who knows the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, about how the State Dept. and other US agencies are considering engaging with the MB. Robert Leiken, who recently wrote a Foreign Affairs piece advocating engagement..