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by: Helena Cobban, justworldnews.org 2007-2-18
"The US administration has worked out a package deal with our government," key Muslim Brotherhood (MB) spokesperson Dr. Issam el-Arian told me recently.  "The regime works for US interests in the region, and the US remains silent on its abuses.  That deal  worked for many years.  But it can’t work now in an era of transparency...

by: Helena Cobban, justworldnews.org 2007-2-24
The trial of Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer, who is on trial for his writings criticizing Egypt’s al-Azhar religious authorities, Islam and President Husni Mubarak, resumes in his home town of Alexandria today. Fellow blogger Hossam el-Hamalawy writes:..

by: Helena Cobban, Justworldnews.org 2007-2-24
Dr. Abdel Monem Abul-Futouh is a genial, energetic man who looks to be about 60 years old.  The thick, dish-like lenses of his eye-glasses magnify his eyes and give him a vulnerable, owlish look.  To see him at his office in the gracious old building that houses both the Egyptian Medical Society and the Arab Medical Union, you have to make the appointment well in advance.  When you..

by: Helena Cobban, justworldnews.org 2007-4-20

Belatedly, a serious hat-tip to Salon’s Gary Kamiya for the very thoughtful analysis he wrote last week on the topic of Iraq: Why the [U.S.] media failed.

His contention-- based on a well-organized survey of the ample evidence plainly available on thi..

by: Helena Cobban, justworldnews.org 2007-4-20

I am so, so happy that two-thirds (66 percent) of our fellow US citizens now share the opinion that a small group of us within the country have held and expressed since before the US war on Iraq ever started: namely, that this war was not worth fighting...

by: Helena Cobban, justworldnews.org 2007-7-3

1. Diplomacy is not mainly about talking to people you agree with, but to people you disagree with.

2. They won a free and fair parliamentary election in 2006. Fateh’s Mahmoud Abbas won a free and fair presidential election in 2005. Outsiders have no credibility when they seek to include one of these parties while excluding and indeed also attacking the other.

3. For 18 months o..

by: Helena Cobban, justworldnews.org 2007-7-3

Ahmed Yousef, a senior political advisor to recently ousted Palestinian Ismail Haniyeh, scored an impressive double victory today by having slightly different op-ed articles published in both the WaPo and the NYT.

More on the content of these two significant articles later. But first, we should note that the existence of these two soberly argued articles indicates a couple of very impor..

by: Helena Cobban, justworldnews.org 2007-7-3

I have been scouring the web, trying to gain a deeper understanding of what’s been going on in Palestine. So far, the very best account and analysis that I’ve found is this document, which was posted yesterday on the site of the (Gaza-based) Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. I suspect it was written by the Centre’s extremely dedicated and professional director, Raji Sourani.

Its titl..