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by: Hassan Albanna 2007-6-13
In the Name of Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah and those who follow him. The Muslim Brotherhood Movement is exposed to a severe campaign at this moment of time in particular. It is being accused of missing a political project, using religious mottoes that mix religion with politics, exploiting the Muslims’ emotions to achieve pure political gains, and profiting from the offered area of freedom and democracy to gain power. It is claimed that if the movement..

by: Hassan Albanna 2007-6-13
You might speak to a large number of people about various topics , and believe that you have elucidated and explained everything with utmost clarity and exhausted every possible means of disclosing what is in your mind; you depart, having spoken to them about crystal clear ideas, and having imparted to them the aim of your message, facts as evident as the ‘crack of dawn’ or the ‘sun in broad daylight’, as they say. So imagine how great your astonishment will be when, after a little whi..