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by: Glenn Greenwald 2010-7-4
In response to the Harvard study documenting how newspapers labeled waterboarding as "torture" for almost 100 years until the Bush administration told them not to, The New York Times issued a statementjustifying this behavior on the ground that it did not want to take sides in the debate...

by: Glenn Greenwald 2009-4-21
Other obligations prevent me from writing until later today -- and I intend to focus on Rahm Emanuel’s war-crimes-protecting proclamation that Obama’s desire for immunity extends beyond CIA officers perpetrating torture to the "policy makers" who ordered it (watch today as the hardest-core Obama loyalists start explaining how the UN doesn’t matter, international treaties are irrelevant, and war criminals need not be held accountable) -- but, until then, I wanted to highlight this extre..

by: Glenn Greenwald 2008-11-24
At Democracy Arsenal, Shadi Hamid makes the reasonable (though, to me, not entirely persuasive) point that foreign policy viewpoints are not conducive to "left-right" labeling because, for many key debates, there is no discernible "left" and "right" position. Andrew Sullivan agrees with Hamdi’s point and writes:..