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by: Daniel WillIams 2009-4-16
Politically speaking, Mustafa Naggar, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Mohammed Sherif, a self-styled revolutionary socialist, should have little to say to each other..

by: Daniel Williams 2008-10-30
Abdel Moneim Mahmoud once organized student elections, collected donations and educated chicken breeders about the dangers of bird flu as an operative for the Muslim Brotherhood. That all ended after he criticized Egypt’s controversial Islamic political group on his blog, Ana-Ikhwan (I Am Brotherhood)...

by: Daniel Williams 2008-7-9
For five years, Nader Gohar’s satellite-television service transmitted images that dominated Egyptian news: police crackdowns, political struggles and popular unrest. Now, he’s become a story himself. ..

by: Daniel Williams 2008-1-13
Saida Akremi, a Tunisian lawyer, specializes in human rights -- including the right to wear the Muslim headscarf that her country’s late founder called an ``odious rag..

by: Daniel Williams 2007-12-2
The editors of four newspapers were sentenced to year-long prison sentences in Egypt. Their crime: reporting that President Hosni Mubarak was grooming his son to succeed him, which the government called ``false information.’’..

by: Daniel Williams 2007-11-29
Mustafa Mohamed Mustafa, a legislator from the Muslim Brotherhood, stood on the Egyptian parliament’s tiered floor, pulled out a copy of the constitution and waved it at the speaker, Fathi Sorour, who belongs to the ruling party of President Hosni Mubarak...

by: Daniel Williams 2007-8-15
The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest opposition force, has suspended its bid for legalization as a political party following mass arrests of its members, Brotherhood officials say. ..

by: Daniel Williams 2007-6-24
It was the typical sort of soft jihad practiced by thousands of young men enrolled in the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s main Islamic political organization and largest opposition group. Abdel Rahman Essam collected money from students and adults for dialysis machines needed in hospitals and took the greetings and thank-yous of kidney patients and the healthy alike...

by: Daniel Williams 2007-5-30
The Sanna Sharq theater company in Egypt draws crowds to its political plays flavored with sharp anti-American rhetoric. ..