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by: DPA 2009-6-16
The seats for women will be allotted by province, based on population, rather than by the smaller voting-districts..

by: DPA 2009-6-16
Cairo - Egypt’s parliament on Sunday approved changes to the country’s electoral law to require 64 seats in the parliament to be held by women, but women in Cairo said they were divided on the issue. The amendments sailed through both houses of parliament over the weekend, sped by the ruling party’s grip on both, but they capped a long debate that has highlighted divisions within the ruling party, the Islamist opposition, and Egyptian women themselves...

by: DPA 2009-6-3
Cairo - At least 10 members of parliament from Egypt`s banned Muslim Brotherhood will attend US President Barack Obama`s landmark speech to the Muslim world in Cairo, it was confirmed by the group Tuesday. As well as various lawmakers, activists, charity workers and non- governmental organisations at the address, invitations have been sent to the group for the keynote speech. ..

by: DPA 2008-5-1
The Consultative Council of Jordan’s influential Muslim Brotherhood movement has elected hard-line Hammam Saeed as new leader, reliable Islamic sources said Thursday...

by: dpa 2005-12-14
Hundreds of Egyptian opposition Kefaya demonstrators gather in the streets to protest against the governement and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in downtown Cairo on Monday 12 December 2005...

by: DPA 2007-3-24
The Egyptian government has warned critics of the constitutional referendum scheduled for Monday not to stage any protests on the day, the Information Ministry said Wednesday.

In a statement published in Cairo, the ministry said security forces would ’not tolerate any attempts to disrupt the referendum and democratic life on that day.’

Parts of the Egyptian opposition have called for..

by: dpa 2007-6-23
The European Union’s German presidency on Friday deplored irregularities and violence during Egypt’s Shura elections earlier this week.

Second-round polling took place on Monday and President Hosny Mubarak’s ruling party secured 84 out of 88 contested seats in the mid-term elections for the Shura assembly.

’The presidency takes note of the low turnout at these elections. It regrets t..

by: DPA 2007-7-20
The court acquitted my father. Why didn’t he come home?" read a statement printed on T-Shirts often worn .....