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by: Baher Ibrahim 2010-3-31
The recent health care reform battle between Republicans and Democrats in the United States has illustrated what is vitally missing in Egypt’s political parties...

by: Baher Ibrahim 2010-3-14
In Egypt, activists, journalists, bloggers and the independent press relentlessly stress the need for more transparency, democracy and freedom of speech. These are noble values and their importance should always be emphasized. However, calling for transparency and openness is one thing; applying these principles to your own work are quite another...

by: Baher Ibrahim 2010-2-22
Misconceptions of Turkey make it seem like a backward society where women cannot walk around uncovered, mixing between sexes is forbidden and alcohol is unavailable. This cannot be further from the truth...

by: Baher Ibrahim 2009-11-25
In recent weeks, Egypt has witnessed an increase in sectarian violence between Muslims and the Christian minority...

by: Baher Ibrahim 2009-10-12
Looking at the main gate of the Alexandria University medical campus at eight in the morning, it looks as if it were a queue at airport security...

by: Baher Ibrahim 2009-10-9
Anyone who has visited Egypt knows the deeply religious nature of its people. Whether you have lived here for years or just stopped by to see the usual touristy stuff, one cannot deny the fact that the people of Egypt are becoming increasingly conservative...