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by: Associated Press 2005-11-6

Egyptian election campaign heats up


Associated Press

CAIRO, Egypt - After sunset, young campaign workers fan out in a middle-class Cairo neighborhood, wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan "Islam is the solution" and playing audio tapes on which singers declare, "The world is thirsty for Islam."

Banned in Egypt for decades, the Muslim Brotherho..

by: Associated Press 2005-11-18

Egypt’s Ruling Party Wins 112 Seats
By MAAMOUN YOUSSEF, Associated Press Writer

Egypt’s ruling party won 112 seats in the first stage of the country’s parliamentary elections, or about 70 percent of those available, according to final results announced Thursday.

Announcing the results, Justice Minister Mahmoud Abu el-Leil also confirmed that the banned Muslim Brotherh..

by: Associated Press 2006-3-8

 Vice President Dick Cheney delivers his remarks to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Tuesday. (AP)
Vice President Dick Cheney told an influential pro-Israel group Tuesday that the United States will not help the Palestinians build a full-fledged state whose leaders use terror and violence.

The comment to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee was ..

by: Associated Press 2006-3-22

The United States remains committed to pressing for more democracy in the Middle East despite victories by Islamic fundamentalists in recent elections in Egypt and the Palestinian Authority, top US State Department officials said Tuesday.

The Bush administration has said reform in the Mideast is a top policy concern and has focused on Egypt, a key ally in the region. But many in the re..

by: Associated Press 2006-4-11

France has denied requests for visas from two Hamas members of the Palestinian legislature invited for talks at the headquarters of Europe’s leading human rights organization, the Council of Europe said Monday.

The Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly last month invited members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, including two Hamas deputies, for talks at the assembly’s April..

by: Associated Press 2006-7-5

Money transfer agencies like Western Union have delayed or blocked thousands of cash deliveries on suspicion of terrorist connections simply because senders or recipients have names like Mohammed or Ahmed, company officials said.

In one example, an Indian driver here said Western Union prevented him from sending US$120 to a friend at home this month because the..

by: Associated Press 2006-11-7
US secretary of state says Hamas government may be preferable to group ’running the streets, masked, with guns’

An elected Hamas government in the Palestinian territories may be preferable to the group operating outside the power structure and carrying out terrorist actions, Secr..

by: Associated Press 2007-1-28
Egypt’s interior minister on Friday accused those reporting cases of alleged police torture of being part of an "unpatriotic campaign" to tarnish the country’s police forces and warned Egyptians against using the Internet to jeopardize national security.
Information posted on the Internet that poses a hazard to the government "is a very dangerous crime — a crime of which its victi..