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by: Ali Mansour 2010-3-2
Due to the significance that Palestine has assumed in the Islamic discourse for more than half a century, AQ has used Palestine to be at the heart of its propaganda campaign against the West. The genuine evolution of HAMAS from a terrorist group to an insurgency abiding by the laws of armed conflict in its fight against Israel deserves a review of US strategy towards the group. Removing HAMAS from the list of FTO will better serve the GWOT by improving the relations with the Muslim world, isolating AQ, and deprive it from one of its major weapons to gain sympathy and support for its terrorism..

by: Ali Mansour 2009-9-9
The attacks of September 11, 2001, the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, and the war on terror, mainly Islamist terrorism, have strained the relations with the Muslim world, which considered the US and the West at war with Islam. Part of the failure of the US strategy to engage the Muslim world in the war on terror is the lack of a clear strategy that distinguishes between moderate and radical Islamists. By lumping both radicals and moderates in one basket, the US policy makers and the West have alienated a large number of the Muslims who supported moderate Islamists in general elections, and considered them the hope to change the status quo in the Middle East and end corruption and oppression...