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by: Ali Bulaç 2010-3-3
We can say that after surviving this last nationalist trauma, we have experienced with the Kurdish issue, we may move toward regional integration in line with the spirit of the times...

by: Ali Bulaç 2009-11-10
The discussion of whether religion influences politics or vice versa has been a controversial issue. It is hard to draw a conclusion that can apply to every religion. No generalization is applicable to all major religions...

by: Ali Bulac 2009-6-13
In the speeches he delivered in Ankara and Cairo, US President Barack Obama talked about making a new start between the US and the Muslim world. Naturally, all calls for peace, stability and peaceful coexistence should be taken into consideration as these are respectable calls. ..

by: Ali Bulac 2009-6-13
In recent speeches delivered in Cairo and Ankara, US President Barack Obama sent strong messages that his administration “is not -- and never will be -- at war with Islam” and that it wants to “seek a new beginning.” ..

by: Ali Bulaç 2009-5-21
Is Habib wrong? According to the Muslim Brotherhood, the stance the American administration has displayed up until now on democracy and human rights issues has not been in favor of Muslims. The strongest evidence of this is Westerners, especially Americans, are not subjected to the same oppression as Muslims. In Egypt and in other countries, when pressure is put on nongovernmental organizations that operate on Western funds and support, Western mechanisms mobilize, but when the basic r..

by: Ali Bulaç 2009-4-12
In my column on April 7, I provided examples of modern forms of racism, all of which were "bad and scary." I also mentioned that there was some good and hopeful news. The first example of good news is from Detroit. The racial slur "n*****," used in street talk in the US, was buried in a symbolic funeral ceremony on July 11, 2007..