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by: Alexandra Sandels 2008-11-17
It is not often that MENASSAT gives a platform to those who call Egyptian bloggers ungrateful backstabbers who should thank God for the freedom President Hosni Mubarak has granted them. But the interview that Swedish radio, together with MENASSAT, recently conducted with Osama Saraya, editor in chief of Egypt’s leading government-owned daily, Al Ahram, offers a unique glimpse into the mindset of a dictatorship that sees itself as society’s only defense against Islamic radicalism. Saray..

More than thirty people including several media workers were arrested and many claim to have been assaulted by Egypt’s security forces outside a Cairo military tribunal where high-ranking members of the Muslim Brotherhood were sentenced on Tuesday. ..

by: Alexandra Sandels 2008-1-9
Despite the freedom of expression boundaries being pushed by the independent press and the blogging community, 2007 witnessed an upsurge in clampdowns on the press and free speech in Egypt...

by: Alexandra Sandels 2007-12-22
Bloggers belonging to an online forum called Arab Bloggers Union have launched a campaign to draw attention to the case of detained Brotherhood-affiliated blogger and activist Ahmed Mohsen. ..

by: Alexandra Sandels 2007-11-21
A number of Egyptian human rights organizations released Wednesday a joint press release demanding an end to clampdowns on the Muslim Brotherhood by police authorities, urging the press and civil society to speak out..

by: Alexandra Sandels 2007-9-21
Do you regularly check your email, chat with friends, or surf the internet at one of Cairo’s many net cafes? If so, don’t be surprised if you are asked to present your ID card, passport, or provide your telephone number in order to use the computer next time...

by: Alexandra Sandels 2007-4-30
A military tribunal of 33 detained top members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) reportedly under deep secrecy at Heikstep Military Court Complex outside Cairo on Thursday morning...