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by: Alaa Shahine, Reuters 2006-11-30
The two forces lined up facing each other inside Ain Shams university campus, the space between them shrinking until the moment of engagement.

When they both charged, scores of pro-government students, with the help of plainclothes security personnel, claimed a swift victory. They pelted their unarmed rivals of the Muslim Brotherhood,

by: Alaa Shahine, Reuters 2007-2-20

Egyptian writer and journalist Ibrahim Issa likens his role in his nine-year-old struggle with the authorities to that of Zorro or Robin Hood — a mischievous, resourceful folk hero who keeps one step ahead of the enemy.

Known for his sharp criticism of President Hosni Mubarak — still a risky venture in Egypt — the outspoken journalist has long played a cat-and-mouse game with exasperate..

by: Alaa Shahine, REUTERS 2007-6-15
Muslim Brotherhood organiser Hani Sanad was ready, wary of that night-time knock on the door right up to the last minute before Egyptians voted in local elections this week.

Sanad had stashed all his wife’s jewellery in a safe place and had stopped keeping substantial amounts of cash at his home in the Nile Delta province of Kafr el-Sheikh.

"When the police come, they take everything,"..