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by: Al-Ahram 2005-11-10
Transparent ballot boxes, monitors, a flamboyant Muslim Brotherhood campaign: the parliamentary elections certainly feel different this time round. But are they really, asks Amira Howeidy

For the past two weeks Cairo has been in the throes of election fever...

by: Al-Ahram 2005-11-11

Islam Hamdoun, Ghad Party candidate in Imbaba, stands in the middle of a crowd explaining his election platform. "The door of democracy is now open," he tells his audience. "Make use of the opportunity and take from it as much as you can."..

by: Al-Ahram 2005-11-11
Amira Howeidy examines the shifting relationship between the state and Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood’s ubiquitous presence has been one of the dominating features of the parliamentary elections, signalling a shift in official attitudes towards a group once considered taboo...

by: Al-Ahram 2005-11-11
Local monitors said the first round of parliamentary polls was calm and with less fraud than usual. Gihan Shahine wonders what this means

An administrative court ruling allowing local supervision seems to have helped thousands of independent observers to keep a closer eye on the first round of what is perhaps Egypt’s fiercest ever parliamentary race.


by: Al-Ahram 2005-11-11

Campaigning for this year’s parliamentary polls was all about money. Candidates spent bundles on everything from banners and billboards, to ads in the papers and on TV, to a variety of "gifts" for the vote..

by: Al-Ahram 2005-11-11
There may be more run-offs than clear finishes once yesterday’s votes are tallied. Gamal Essam El-Din surveys the scene

The first stage of parliamentary elections began in eight governorates yesterday: Cairo; Giza; Al-Menoufiya, Al-Minya, Beni Sweif; Assuit, the New Valley and Marsa Matruh...

by: Al-Ahram 2005-11-11
Partial results in the first round of Egypt’s parliamentary elections produced few surprises with the ruling National Democratic party (NDP) firmly in control and opposition parties crying foul.

Ayman Nour, leader of the Al-Ghad party lost for his National Democratic Party (NDP) opponent Yehia Wahdan in the Bab El-Sharia constituency...

by: Al-Ahram 2006-4-8

The extent of land reclaimed by the Toshka project was the subject of a heated parliamentary debate,

Questions over the economic viability of the massive Toshka project have dogged the land reclamation scheme since it was first launched amid fanfare almost a decade ago. Last Monday they reached the People’s Assembly, where in a bad- tempered four-hour exchange opposition MPs Akram El-Sh..

by: Al-Ahram 2007-1-22

President Hosni Mubarak’s proposed constitutional amendments were approved by the People’s Assembly majority --- but not without a barrage of criticism from opposition and independent MPs, Gamal Essam El-Din reports

The People’s Assembly yesterday provisionally approved President Hosni Mubarak’s 26 December request to amend 34 articles of the constitution.


by: Al-Ahram 2007-2-7

The military ruler has issued a decision of transferring Khayrat el Shater, second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, and around 40 others of the group’s leaders and executive council members including Yusuf Nada to martial courts after being accused of funding the “student militias” of al Azhar Univeristy (a reference to the martial arts show that was performed by Azhar University stud..