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by: Al Saeed Abbadi, Ikhwanweb 2007-3-4

The latest parliamentary elections in Bahrain reflected the strength of the Islamic movement in this gulf country after it won a majority; the coalition of Al-Menbar National Islamic Society with the Salafist Al Asala Islamic Society managed to garner 12 parliamentary seats ...

by: Al Saeed Abbadi, Ikhwanweb 2007-3-13

The Muslim Brotherhood group lashed out at the Egyptian regime’s measures that stoke tensions in the country following Monday’s unjustified detentions.
In the first reaction from the Muslim Brotherhood towards the latest crackdown in which the security services arrested Dr. Mahmoud Ghazlan, a members of the MB Executive Bureau, and other 9 MB leaders, Dr. Mohamed Habib, the deputy ..

by: Al Saeed Abbadi, Ikhwanweb 2007-3-15

The Egyptian authorities arrested, on Thursday at dawn, 18 Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Zagazig, Sharqiya, north of Cairo , after raiding and ransacking their houses in both villages of Bani Shibl and Talhaween.
The 18 detainees include:


by: Al Saeed Abbadi, Ikhwanweb 2007-3-17

Iraq is witnessing a crisis in the Middle East; this crisis emerged mainly through the involvement of the US administration led by George Bush Sr. and Goerge Bush Jr.

It is a new tragedy that recurring nowadays in the Middle East to reflect the aggressive plans and domination of the neo-conservatives over the world ...

by: Al Saeed Abbadi, Ikhwanweb 2007-3-17

Several detainees in police custody who were arrested during midtown Cairo demonstrations on Thuresday, began a hunger strike to protest constitutional amendments and police violations.

The Egyptian security forces detained of 32 members from Kifaya Movement during the demonstration and released some of them on Friday.
The following are names of the detainees&..

by: Al Saeed Abbadi, Ikhwanweb 2007-3-27
Counselor Mamdouh Marie, the Egyptian Justice Minister, said on Tuesday that the approval on the constitutional amendments in Monday referendum reached 75.9 % while the turnout was 27.1 % out of the registered voters (36 millions)
 Marie said, in a press conference:" The turnout in the referendum reached about 9701.000 and those who approved the constitutional amendments are 7172..

by: Al Saeed Abbadi, Ikhwanweb 2007-4-8

 Gamal Mubarak of the ruling NDP calls for dialogue, but all Egyptian opposition powers are skeptical about this suspicious call that comes shortly after passig the notorious constitutional amendments .þ
Gamal Mubarak, the assistant secretary-general of the National Democratic Party (NDP), declared that he will launch fresh tours of dialogue with opposition parties aroun..

by: Al Saeed Abbadi, Ikhwanweb 2007-4-12
Dr. Mohamed Habib said that the group hasn’t reached a decision yet over taking part in the coming Shura Council elections.
Dr. Mohamed Habib, the first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the group hasn’t decided yet whether to take part in the coming Shura Council elections.
Habib pointed out that the group is ..

by: Al Saeed Abbadi, Ikhwanweb 2007-5-22

The Egyptian government stepped up its campaigns against members of Muslim Brotherhood in Daqahlīyah, concentrating more on Talkha and Meet Ghamr districts where the MB members are running for the upcoming elections.