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by: AbdulRahman Mansour 2009-5-30
The ample achievements the Muslim Brotherhood has made in Egypt’s parliamentary elections, urges you Mr. President to open genuine communication channels with the Islamic movements in the region, especially Hamas, which won the elections in Palestine in 2006. Overcoming many obstacles in order to reach a common vision with the Islamic movements in the Middle East is the way to mapping out the future of American Middle East relations...

by: AbdulRahman Mansour 2009-4-7
Human rights activist and former prisoner of thought Khaled Hamza was prevented April 4, 2009 from traveling to the United Kingdom for the first time after his release from prison on April 15, 2008...

by: Abdulrahman Mansour 2009-2-10
The Egyptian police has arrested the Egyptian blogger on Friday during his return from "Qalyobeya" province to Cairo..

by: AbdulRahman Mansour 2007-11-2
Ramsey Clark*, former US Attorney General, will arrive in the Egyptian capital Cairo on Saturday, Nov, 3rd to monitor the 26th session of the military tribunal against senior Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders, topped by engineer Khairat Al-Shater the second deputy chairman of the group...

by: Abdulrahman Mansour 2007-9-21
Another man has died on Wednesday, Sep, 19th, 2007 in the Egyptian governorate of Al Fayum affected by wounds after he was tortured by Egyptian police elements, another victim of these elements that show no respect to human rights or every one’s right to live...

by: Abdulrahman Mansour 2007-9-4
Dr. Ammar Qurabi directed on Monday evening a call to civil society institutions, specially Human Rights Organizations, to work for monitoring military courts trying Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders, topped by engineer Khairat Al-Shater, the second deputy chairman of the Egyptian moderate group...

by: Abdulrahman Mansour 2007-9-1
Ammar Qurabi, the envoy of the Arab Committee for Human Rights, will attend the ninth session of the Military Tribunal against Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders ...

by: Abdulrahman Mansour 2007-8-26
Zahraa Khairat Al Shater, the coordinator of the association of Children for Freedom, is sending so many e-mails to her friends in several Egyptian governorates and outside Egypt, as she is launching an online campaign for which she helped sons of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) detainees choose a slogan: I Need Dad..

by: Abdulrahman Mansour 2007-8-25
Khairat Al-Shater is suffering of an infection in his foot which lead to swelling and bleeding due to poor diabetic care inside the prison, according to doctors...

by: Abdulrahman Mansour 2007-8-25
" Why have they detained him. He is a devout Muslim, an Egyptian aged citizen", said wife of engineer Nabil Moqbel. ..

by: Abdulrahman Mansour 2007-8-24
Dr. Gamal Heshmat, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leader was banned from travelling on Thursday afternoon to Sudan in the Egyptian Doctors’ Syndicate delegation taking part in an aid campaign to flood-plagued victims in Sudan..

by: Abdulrahman mansour 2007-8-23
A State Security Police force damaged on Thursday a back-to-school stationary discount store run by Mohamed Abdul Baqi, a member of parliament for the constituency of Talkha, Dakahlia "northeast of Cairo "...

by: Abdulrahman Mansour 2007-8-22
Egyptian security forces raided on Wednesday afternoon houses of MPs Ragab Abu Zeid and Sabri Amer, members of the People’s Assembly, Egypt’s lower chamber of parliament, and detained them in what a statement issued by the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) parliamentary bloc described as "a part of the ongoing security escalation practiced by the Egyptian regime against the Muslim Brotherhood", according to the statement...

by: Abdulrahman Mansour 2007-8-21
Dr. Saaduddin Al Othmani, the Secretary-General of the Justice and Development Party (PJD) called for resisting all election violations on time by all legal means, renewing his calling all PJd members to work for foming a strong and full state of real mobilization by all legal means...

by: Abdulrahman Mansour 2007-8-19
Imam who depicted the Islamists in ways that sometimes angered them, met MB leaders and shaking hands with them to accept his son’s marriage proposal to his daughter, Sara...

by: Abdulrahman Mansour 2007-8-17
MB 1st deputy Chairman Dr. Muhammad Habib announces: "before today’s detentions against MB leaders, the regime has gone too far in tyranny and repression, attempting to hamper Muslim Brotherhood persistence in the way of reform and peaceful change" Dr. Habib collaborates "those detentions aim at weakening MB activities as well as marginalizing the role Muslim Brotherhood plays in the Egyptian political arena..

by: Abdulrahman Mansour 2007-8-15
A report prepared by the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Commons called on UK government to hold vis-a-vis dialogues with Hamas movement, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group in Egypt and Hezbollah in Lebanon ...