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by: Abdul Rahman Mansour 2008-3-15
Egyptian opposition and state-run newspapers declared that five persons have been killed and dozens others were injured since the beginning of 2008, in the so called "daily battles" of Egyptians to buy the subsidized bread. ..

by: Abdul Rahman Mansour 2007-11-21
Most bloggers are currently talking about and condemning torture, to the extent of establishing a film festival to defame this phenomenon...

by: Abdul Rahman Mansour 2007-11-20
Jordanians cast their votes Tuesday to elect their new House of Representatives – the 15th in the Jordanian history..

by: Abdul Rahman Mansour 2007-11-13
Illegal migration led to death of 153, 158 missing and extradition of 1000 Egyptian young men, said a report tracing Egyptian youth illegal migration issued by a human rights organization...

by: Abdul Rahman Mansour 2007-11-13
Egyptian Blogger Karim Amer- jailed against the backstage of insulting Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and showing contempt to religions- is currently tortured in Burj Al-Arab prison at orders and under ..

by: Abdul Rahman Mansour 2007-10-16
The American Islamic Congress (AIC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building interfaith and interethnic understanding. The organization grew out of the ashes of September 11. It believes American Muslims must take the lead in building tolerance and fostering a respect for human rights and social justice at home and throughout the Muslim world...

by: Abdul Rahman Mansour 2007-10-13
Gamila Sadek, a top Syrian human rights activist and a member of the Arab Committee for Human Rights, will arrive in Egypt on Monday evening...

by: Abdul Rahman Mansour 2007-10-12
Bloggers even receive security notices ordering them to stop blogging. This happened with Egyptian blogger Alaa Abdul Fattah. Egyptian authorities detained bloggers like Abdul Moneim Mahmoud, Mohamed Al Sharqawi, Malik Mostafa, Alaa Abdul Fattah and others who took part in protests against the tyranny of the Egyptian government which works for preventing facts, reality and views of the street from reaching the local and international public opinion..

by: Abdul Rahman Mansour 2007-10-8
Egyptian security forces at Al-Arish city ended a sit-in staged by hundreds of members of Al Fawakhriya tribe, and detained dozens of strikers and controlled over streets of the biggest city in the North Sinai Governorate ...

by: Abdul Rahman Mansour 2007-10-8
The appeals circuit at the Supreme Administrative Court issued on Monday its ruling over government appeal against ruling rejecting referring Muslim Brotherhood (MB) top leaders to a military tribunal...

by: Abdul Rahman Mansour 2007-10-2
The Military Tribunal trying Muslim Brotherhood top leaders adjourned its session till next Wednesday. Oct, 3rd, 2007...

by: Abdul Rahman Mansour 2007-9-30
Dr. Violette Daguerre, President of the Arab Committee for Human Rights, will arrive in Egypt on Sunday evening to submit a request to Egyptian government to monitor the military tribunal of Muslim Brotherhood top leaders...

by: Abdul Rahman Mansour 2007-9-26
The international human rights activists held this press conference after they were denied access to attend and monitor the fifteenth session of the military tribunal against 40 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders topped by engineer Khairat Al-Shater, the MB’s second deputy chairman...

by: Abdul Rahman Mansour 2007-9-24
The Egyptian Security Forces have barred both Mr. Khurrum Wahid, a US well-known civil human rights activist, and Mrs. Nurah Rosalie P. Jeter,..

by: Abdul Rahman Mansour 2007-8-14
Hamas movement received warmly Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi’s call for holding a dialogue with the movement to help it develop itself. “No peace will be achieved as long as there are divided Palestinians and two Palestinian states," said Prodi...

by: Abdul Rahman Mansour 2007-7-17
A press conference was held in the Egyptian bar association and was attended by international figures who came to Egypt to join the defence team of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders transferred to a military court. The international figures included Ramey Clark the former US Attorney General, Ivan Lawrence, the former legal advisor of the Queen of England, Samih Kharis, a member of the Jordanian bar association and representative of Amnesty International, Yvonne Ridley, the renowned Briti..