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by: Abd Mon’em Mahmoud 2006-8-30
Cairo Criminal Court on August 29, 2006 ordered the release of six MB leaderships and extended the detention of another two in the same case. This grouping of MB leaderships was  earlier last month detained in what was known as the Charity case, named after the MB Charity Section which is concerned with material aid to the poor...

by: Abd Mon’em Mahmoud 2006-9-6
The Supreme State Security Prosecution on Tuesday September 5, 2006, ordered to extend detention of the deputy head of Alexandrian Muslim Brotherhood division and three others. The four were detained in the run up of the elections of Alexandria Chamber of Commerce in an attempt on the part of the authorities to dwarf the success which the Muslim Brotherhood members usually achieve...

by: Abd Mon’em Mahmoud 2006-10-17

The High Court in Cairo, on Monday October 16, 2006, ordered the release of Secretary General of Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat and another 14 MB leaderships from different governorates.


by: Abd Mon’em Mahmoud 2006-10-18

In an unjustified and aggravating step against the Muslim Brotherhood, a State Security police force arrested again the prominent leader in the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Hassan el-Hayawan in Sharqiya Governorate on Tuesday evening 17/10/2006, from his clinic in Fakous, Sharqiya Governorate, less than a month after releasing him from an illegal ten-month detention.


by: Abd Mon’em Mahmoud 2006-12-17

The Higher State Security Prosecution jailed 140 Muslim Brotherhood members, topped by Engineer, Mohamed Khairat Al Shater, the MB second deputy chairman, and 30 leaders, 15 days pending investigation that it conducts in Al-Tagamu’ Al-Khamis, Cairo.


by: Abd Mon’em Mahmoud 2007-2-15

Many Egyptian governorates witnessed a fresh crackdown carried out by presiden’t Mubarak’s autocratic regime against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), the biggest opposition group in Parliament.

by: Abd Mon’em Mahmoud 2007-3-5
MB Students Fight Constitutional Amendments Through ’Narfud’
Muslim Brotherhood students in Egyptian universities launched "Narfud" (we refuse), a new campaign for refusing the constitutional amendments proposed by the Egyptian President to the People’s Assembly and Shura Council (the upper and lower chambers of parliament).

by: Abd Mon’em Mahmoud 2007-5-28
The 5th Cairo Antiwar conference began its activities yesterday amidst heavy media coverage. The conference was co-hosted by the Muslim Brotherhood and witnessed the birth of the first of its kind "Children For Freedom" movement which was the focus of the attention ..

by: Abd Mon’em Mahmoud 2007-5-3
Below is Monem’s testimony on undergoing torture, written by himself in English. It was originally posted to his second blog, Monem Press, on January 21, 2007. It has been edited for clarity by Mary Joyce..

by: Abd Mon’em Mahmoud 2007-4-12
The state security forces arrested on Tuesday around 29 Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the governorates of Sharqiya, Gharbiya and Daqahliya, after storming into their houses. Among those arrested ..

by: Abd Mon’em Mahmoud 2007-2-21
The fierce security campaign that the Egyptian regime is launching against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group and transferring 40 MB leaders to military tribunals in addition to arresting hundreds of intermediate leaders on fabricated cases .....