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by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-25

Headquarters of Brotherhood’s Candidate is Damaged

The supporters of Khaled Mohy el-Dean, the nominee of opposition Party (al-Tagamoa) in Kafer Shokr constituency, of el-Qalubiya governorate, rushed the headquarters of the election campaign of the Moslem Brotherhood’s candidate, Taymor Abdul Gany. 


The attackers destroyed a car along with three computer sets..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-25

Governor of Qina is Accused with Fraud

Hesham el-Qady, the Moslem Brotherhood’s candidate in Quos, a city in Qina, appealed, in a statement, to human right organizations and all concerned people to halt the contraventions committed during the Sunday’s round of the parliamentary polls in Qina, under the care of its governor, Adel Labeb. 


The statemen..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-25

Abu el-Fotoh accuses the NDP of using thuggery

Yassein Abdel Maqsod

 Abdel Monam Abu el-Fotoh, a member of the Moslem Brotherhood’s Supreme Council, stated, in an interview on al-Jazzera channel, that the violence and thuggery, marred the second round of the parliamentary vote, were erupted under the auspicious of the ruling National Democratic Party and police.


by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-25

Fraud Preparations before the Run-Of

By Monir Adeeb

 Unexpectedly, the police of Quos City, of Upper Egypt’s governorate Qina, examined on Nov 23 a remote location, four kilometers far from the housing area, to where four polling centers of Quos constituency will be moved. This replacement aims to reduce the number of voters, who will refrain from voting due to the far dist..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-25

Judge Noha al-Zeini 

Surprisingly, Noha el-Zeini, an egyption  Judge and the vice-president of the Administrative Supervision Board, disclosed the realty of the ballot-rigging that has been committed in Damnhore constituency during the second round of the parliamentary polls. This fraud resulted in announcing the National Democratic Party’s ..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-25

A devilish plan to Defeat the Brotherhood’s Nominee

A devilish plan was made by the head state officials in Santa City, Qina to secure the success of the National Democratic Party’s nominee governorate, in tomorrow’s run-off.

The items of the plan are:
1-     The use of force to head off the turnout from casting votes.
2-     Hi..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-26

A Judicial Report Confirms Serious Breaches in the Run-Off of the Stage 2 Parliamentary Election

 by Yasser Hadi
The first report published by the Egyptian Society for Enhancement of Social Participation on the run-off of the second stage of the Parliamentary Elections confirms that voters were prevented en-masses from casting their votes by police officers. The report refers to..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-26

El-Fayoum: Tear Gas Used to Curb Voters

Although supervisor judges of Sanors constituency, of el-Fayoum, threatened to suspend voting, if police did not resume its neutrality, 100 supporters of the Moslem Brotherhood were arrested. Police, in addition, closed polling centers of El-Rady School. News agency reporters as well as the supreme monitor judge were not allowed to enter ..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-26

41 Brotherhood Nominees Participate in Today’s Run-off
The second stage’s run-off kicks off today in nine governorates. Forty one of The Moslem Brotherhood’s candidates contest for today’s run-offs; 10 in el-Garbiya, 8 in el-Bihara, 8 in el-Qalubiya, 5 in el-Fayoum, 4 in Axle, 2 both in Suez and Port Said, one in each Ismailia and Qina.
The second round of the ongoing..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-26

Alex: Coercive Measures Ahead of Run-off

On the run-off-polling day, the riot police besiege the polling stations in el-Dekhala, el-Werdan, el-Max constituencies, of Alex.
In addition, seven supporters of the Moslem Brotherhood, were standing before a polling center, are taken into custody.
In Abu Safe, the backers of the National Democratic Party att..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-26

So far 625 Detainees of the MB

Ahead of and during today’s run-offs of the ongoing parliamentary polls, police detained 625 of the Moslem Brotherhood in seven governorates; some are supporters while others are its candidates’ representatives. The number of arrests is expected to mount. It is an action that is designed to curtail the Brotherhood’s major success, which ..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-26

Port Said: Police Terrorize Voters

On the polling day of today’s run-offs, all the Moslem Brotherhood’s propagandists in polling centers no. 1, 2, 3, of Port Said, are arrested, at 8am.
Riot police seal off the polling stations of the home town of the Brotherhood’s candidate in el-Arab constituency, Akram el-Shar
When el-Shar informed a supervisor jud..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-26

El-Qalubiya: thuggery dominates run-offs
Today’s run-offs in el-Qalubiya are fraught with thuggery and irregularities.
In Tokh, Shbeen el-Kantar, and Kafr Shokr constituencies, riot police enclose the streets leading to polling centers so voters are disable to give votes.
Thugs hired by the National Democratic Party clash with the supporters of the Moslem Brotherh..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-26

El-Bihara: Follow-up to Run-offs

The police mar the run-off in el-Bihara governorate amidst helplessness of the supervisory judges to halt irregularities. For example, police enclose 15 polling centers in Kafr el-Dawar constituency, in addition; some electoral monitors of human right organizations are taken into custody.
In el-Mahmudia electoral district, police se..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-26

Contraventions are Prevailing in Qina

By Monir Adeeb
Today’s run-offs in Qina governorate are rife with contraventions. 
The supporters of the Moslem Brotherhood are taken into custody. Electorate is prevented from casting votes.
The polling stations witness a heavy presence of police, in order to intimidate voters.
Dozens of polling cent..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-26

The Latest Developments in Alex

In the light of violence and thuggery hit Garbel constituency, the president of the Judge Union ordered the supervisory judge of Ahmed Badawy polling station to suspend voting and to leave the polling center.
This decision is made after detecting the infringements committed in the polling stations of Garbel, where police hinder the ..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-26

The Muslim Brotherhood Warn from Bullies  Wearing Shirts with the Slogan "Islam Is the Solution"


Dr  Mohamed Al Sayyid Habib, the First Deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guide, warned from cunning schemes by the National Democratic Party in which bullies disguised under the Muslim Brotherhood slogans will carry out acts of violence and disorder that will be la..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-27

Akef Calls Policemen to Preserve Order
By Muhammad el-Sheriff
The Supreme Guide of the Moslem Brotherhood, Muhammad Akef, urged policemen to adhere to neutrality in the course of the ongoing polls, to preserve order, and to halt unjustified detentions of the Moslem Brotherhood’s members and supporters.
Commenting on the large-scale arrest campaign launched against ..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-27

Molotov and Stones Used in Banha’s polls

By Yasser Hady
Banha constituency, of Qalubiya governorate, in which a run-off is hold between the Moslem Brotherhood’s nominee, Muhssen Rady and he National Democratic Party’s, is rife with violations and irregularities.
In the beginning of the polling day, Police arrested a number of the supporters of Brotherhood’s no..

by: (Ikhwan online) 2005-11-27

The MB Achieves Sweeping Victory in Egypt’s Run-offs,Phase2

29 out of 37 candidates of the Muslim Brotherhood win the run-off election of the second phase of the parliamentary election.  


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