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by: (AP) 2005-11-21

Widespread violence mars second round of Egyptian parliamentary elections


DAMANHUR, Egypt (AP) - Widespread violence marred the second round of Egypt’s parliamentary vote Sunday as opposition supporters and police clashed with knives, metal chains and Molotov cocktails, officials said. At least one person was killed and many were wounded.


by: (AP) 2005-11-22

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Gains Support


Associated Press Writer

  The banned Muslim Brotherhood locked up about one-quarter of the parliamentary seats open in two rounds of balloting, according to results released Monday - an unexpectedly strong sign of Egypt’s increasing turn toward conservative Islam and dissatisfaction with the U.S.-allied r..

by: (AP) 2005-11-25

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood claims 14 members detained in Alexandria
Police have detained 14 members of Egypt’s largest Islamist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, during dawn raids on their houses in the country’s second-largest city, Alexandria, a group leader said on Friday.

Ali Abdel Fattah claimed the members were activists in the outlawed group’s election cam..

by: (AP) 2005-11-26

Clashes mar Egyptian parliamentary voting


 Riot police barred Egyptian voters from polls Saturday as knife and gun clashes between supporters of Islamist and secular political parties marred runoff parliamentary elections.

The violence, coupled with wide-scale arrests, contributed to low voter turnout and came amid efforts by the banned Muslim Brother..

by: (AP) 2005-11-27

BEHEIRA, Egypt -- In a stunning result, the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood captured at least 25 more seats in Egypt’s legislature yesterday, despite cordons of police who fired tear gas and rubber bullets in what appeared to be a determined government effort to block opposition voters and clamp off building momentum by the Islamic-based organization.

Early Interior Ministry figures sh..

by: (AP) 2005-11-27
>Mohammed Mahdi Akef, the leader of banned Muslim Brotherhood, talks Sunday, Nov.27, 2005, during an interview with the Associated Press in Cairo, Egypt...

by: (AP) 2005-11-27

Police Lead Intimidation 
CAIRO, Egypt – Egyptian security agents directed machete and club wielding gangs in attacks against voters and supporters of opposition candidates in the second round of the Egyptian parliamentary elections, IslamOnline.net can reveal.

"The (Egyptian) police were directing thugs who were attacking voters," Hossam Al-Hamalawy, an LA Times correspondent,..

by: (AP) 2005-11-28
- The leader of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood on Sunday credited public mistrust, frustration and anger with President Hosni Mubarak’s regime for his group’s fivefold increase in parliamentary seats with one round of voting still to go...

by: (AP) 2005-11-28

Turmoil Grips Runoff Voting in Egypt


 Egyptian police barricaded polls and  
arrested hundreds of supporters of the banned Muslim Brotherhood
movement Saturday, while armed backers of Islamist and secular
politicians clashed - severely curbing turnout and scarring a
parliamentary runoff vote.

by: (AP) 2005-11-28

Egyptian vote could be bad news for U.S.

BY SALLY BUZBEE Advertisement

For months, the Bush administration has said it is serious about pushing for democracy in the Middle East. It’s about to get a serious test of that resolve.

Egypt, the world’s most populous Arab country, is suddenly roiling with a wide-open, combative election that seems certain to end with the count..

by: (AP) 2005-11-29

Polls apart

Election results are revealing Egypt’s growing divide between religion and politics, writes Rory McCarthy

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood continues to surprise with its strong performance at the polls in the current month-long parliamentary elections. The outlawed Islamist movement has secured at least 76 seats and stands to win still more in the next round of votin..

by: (AP) 2005-11-30

Egypt vote violence troubles US 
Rival political groups have attacked each other with knives and clubs
The United States has expressed concern over reports that Egypt’s parliamentary elections have been marred by violence and intimidation.
State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said reports were "sources of real concern" and the US had spoken to the Egyptian author..

by: (AP) 2005-12-1

Egypt elections enter final round

Voting was light and the atmosphere peaceful when polls opened in this Nile Delta city Thursday for the third round of Egypt’s legislative elections, which have been marred by violence and serious allegations of rigging.

In the first minutes, only a handful of voters entered the adjacent schools turned into polling stations -- one for men, one f..

by: (AP) 2005-12-1

 - Riot police cordoned off polling stations  
in this Nile Delta village Thursday to prevent people from voting as
Egypt entered the final round of legislative elections that have
been marred by violence and allegations of fraud.
        The ability to vote varied from town to town among the nine  
provinces where ..

by: (AP) 2005-12-1

Egyptian politician denies forgery charges


The runner-up in Egypt’s presidential elections took the stand in his trial on forgery charges Tuesday, accusing the government of trumping up the case to ruin his political career.

Prosecutors are seeking the maximum 15-year sentence against Ayman Nour on charges he forged signatures needed to register..

by: (AP) 2005-12-1

One Egyptian Killed in Election Violence       
Riot police clashed Thursday with  
would-be voters, killing one person, and they closed off polling
stations in several Muslim Brotherhood and opposition strongholds as
Egypt entered the final round of its troubled legislative elections.
Police fired into a crowd in the Balteem dist..

by: (AP) 2005-12-1

Egyptian riot police battle voters in local elections
By Nadia Abou El-Magd

 Riot police battled voters today, killing one person and blocking entry to polling stations in opposition strongholds in the third and final round of Egypt’s legislative elections.

Police fired into a crowd in the Balteem district of Kafr el-Sheik, killing Gomaa el-Zeftawi, a fisherman, and woun..

by: (AP) 2005-12-3

Police beat up judges, block voting in Egypt

Riot police clashed with would-be voters and blocked off polling stations to prevent people from casting ballots in several Muslim Brotherhood and opposition strongholds yesterday, as Egypt entered the final round of legislative elections marred by violence and allegations of rigging.

In one village, men and women determined t..

by: (AP) 2005-12-4

U.S. prods Egypt to clean up election

 The United States urged Egypt on Monday to clean up its elections, which have been marred by accusations of fraud, voter intimidation and a crackdown on the main Islamist opposition group.

The United States has this year prodded one of its closest allies in the Middle East to improve its democratic record despite some U.S. and Egy..

by: (AP) 2005-12-4

35 MBs in the run-offs 
- Egypt’s Islamist opposition Muslim Brotherhood said on Friday that 35 of its 49 candidates in the third stage of parliamentary elections won a place in run-offs next week but none had yet won outright in Thursday’s voting.

Only candidates who take at least 50 percent of the vote win in the first round; otherwise the two top candidates compete again six..

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