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by: ( Al-Hayat ) 2005-4-20
Before 9/11, the prevailing belief in the European capitals, not to mention Washington, was that democracy leads the "extremist Islamists" to power. With the growth of violent movements concealed in religion in the Middle East, this belief became a deep-rooted conviction,....

by: ( Al-Hayat ) 2005-6-7

Much More is Still Needed to Be Done
Jihad El Khazen    

Dr. Condoleezza Rice left the Middle East at the end of her flying visit and left the rulers discontent, without pleasing the masses. My personal assessment: as if sagacity won over the required and the possible.


What the US Secretary of State said didn’t surprise anyone wherever she..

by: ( Al-Hayat ) 2005-6-13

What’s Next for Egypt: Democracy or the Fundamentalism of the Muslim Brotherhood?
Wahid Abdel-Majid 

At a small party to mark the 60th birthday of Egyptian novelist Gamal Ghaitani on 9 May, Naguib Mahfouz was asked what he expected to happen in Egypt, in view of the rapidly developing events there. "It looks like Egypt wants to try the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood," Mahfouz re..

by: ( Al-Hayat ) 2005-8-17

Who Will Administer Reform In Egypt?
Hasan Abu Taleb  

I don’t know how the tourists felt when the Egyptian security asked them to stay away from the outskirts of the Egyptian national museum. The Egyptian security forces had surrounded the parliament, established security checkpoints in the city of Cairo and created a situation which could be described by a nightmare. The ..

by: ( Al-Hayat ) 2005-11-24

The Margins of the Egyptian Elections
Abdel Wahab Badrakhan    

The Egyptian reservations with respect to one of the clauses of "the Declaration of Bahrain" at the conclusion of the "The Forum for the Future, the Development of Democracy in the Arab World" were an indication that Cairo has overcome the heavy pressure ordeal it was subjected to during the past two ..

by: ( Al-Hayat ) 2005-12-2

The Rise of the Islamists and their Legitimacies
Zouheir Kseibati

The latest surprises of the Parliamentary elections in Egypt complete today the picture of the earthquake that toppled the traditional equation in the struggle between the ruling party and the non-religious parties in favor of the "Muslim Brotherhood"… Many signs of this picture wouldn’t have taken shape without the US..

by: ( Al-Hayat ) 2006-4-3

A performance-based road map to a permanent two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
The following is a performance-based and goal driven roadmap, with clear phases, timelines, target dates, and benchmarks aiming at progress through reciprocal steps by the two parties in the political, security, economic, humanitarian, and institution-building fields, under the auspices of the..