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The Muslim Brotherhood wants a "democratic" Syria not an Islamic state to replace the regime of embattled President Bashar al-Assad, the group's former leader said late on Sunday...

by: Omar Ashour 2011-1-19
Its are the origin of this country … we treat the guests who came and lived here nicely … but we are ready to die as martyrs if anyone touches our Christian message.”..

by: Sadegh Zibakalam 2010-12-21
If a foreign observer had been present in Tehran during the recent parliamentary elections in Egypt, he or she would have been surprised by the lack of enthusiasm displayed by the Iranian media. Given the importance of Egypt both as an Islamic state as well as perhaps the most important Arab state bordering Israel...

by: By Ramzy Baroud 2010-11-3
Democracy in the Middle East continues to be a hugely popular topic of discussion...

by: By Rami G. Khouri 2010-7-3
Since the rise of this generation of Islamists, native and Western governments alike have adopted two major strategies: politically containing movements like the Muslim Brotherhood by allowing them to have limited representation in toothless parliaments; and opposing or fighting more powerful movements like Hamas, Hizbullah, the Taliban and others that use military force for various reasons...

by: Michael Young 2010-4-8
The most flagrant sign of the decline of Arab nationalist regimes is their transformation into hereditary republics...

by: Marina Ottaway 2010-3-12
The return to Egypt of Mohamed ElBaradei, the recently retired head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, on February 19 has injected new vitality and even a sense of hope in the Egyptian opposition, beleaguered by an increasingly repressive government and somewhat discouraged by its own ineffectiveness...

In 1979, the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was overthrown and replaced by an Islamic Republic basing much of its governance practices on its interpretation of Islam...

by: Hossam El-Hamalawy 2009-11-5
An editorial titled “The Death of Youth Activism in Egypt?”, which ran in Daily News Egypt on April 11, said: “The April 6 Youth Movement was born from the events of April 6 last year when, using Facebook, blogs, text messaging, independent media and word-of-mouth, activists and workers called for a countrywide general strike.”..

by: Oraib Al-Rantawi 2009-9-29
The current controversy within the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood has revealed the extent of Hamas’ influence among Brotherhood members...

by: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf 2009-4-7
As he travelled to Turkey on Monday, President Barack Obama took the next step toward fulfilling his pledge to more forcefully address the Muslim world. Some critics have warned him: Don’t do it. I believe they are wrong. This was just the right thing to do, and Obama was the one to do it...

by: Rami G. Khouri 2009-3-29
At a gathering of experts in international humanitarian law (IHL) in Geneva this week, much of the focus was on countries and societies where Muslims form a majority of the population. There was also a discussion of terrorism, and how groups that engage in terrorism can be dealt with in relation to IHL. Much of this discussion centered on terror in and from Islamic societies. ..

by: Dima M. Toukan* 2009-3-24
There are several levels of discussion when it comes to democracy promotion in the Middle East. On one level, there is the current debate between icons of American think tanks and policy practitioners on whether post-George W. Bush America should in fact continue supporting democracy promotion in the region, and whether such support should extend to Islamists. On another more micro level, there is the question of what to support, and how to support it..

by: Abdel-Rahman Hussein 2008-11-28
“We have listened also to one deputy [an MP] from the group and his points of view. In the Arab world we have the obligation as Europeans to listen to all the points of view and we are against discrimination by religious factors. And this is true in Egypt, in Palestine, in Lebanon or in Jordan." ..

by: Mohamed Abdel Baky 2008-11-24
The countdown to the most important event for the future of the Middle East has begun. In 2011, the term of President Hosni Mubarak (in power since 1981) will end and Egyptians will vote for a new president of the republic. Mubarak, who would be 83 then, is unlikely to seek another term. Despite the various undemocratic succession scenarios under debate - the ascent to power of Mubarak’s son Gamal, that of an unknown military official, or that of another official close to Mubarak - the..

The assault on Chris Davies, Liberal Democrat party spokesman for the environment for the northwest of Britain and a member of the European Union’s parliamentary delegation to the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), has delivered a firm message to the European Parliament. Davies was assaulted when he was taking part, together with several Israelis, Palestinians and people from other countries, in a protest rally against the separation barrier that divides Palestinian farmers from th..

by: Ibrahim Al-Houdaiby 2008-9-26
When my father decided to buy a farm in the suburbs of Cairo and live there a few years ago, his justification was that if you decide to live in Egypt, you should be ready to ..

by: Rami G. Khouri 2008-9-17
It was almost exactly 20 years ago this month that Al-Qaeda was born in Afghanistan as a movement of zealous holy warriors that was prepared to fight and die to protect the Islamic umma, or community, from foreign assault. The Russian occupation of Afghanistan was the immediate catalyst that sparked its creation,..

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2008-9-3
CAIRO: The Administrative Court in Giza adjourned Monday two cases filed by Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Deputy Chief Khayrat El-Shater as well as 18 detained MB members demanding their release after serving half their jail term. ..

This was a major experience that shaped his thought, and a few years after his return, he joined the Muslim Brotherhood. He was imprisoned several times, and was severely tortured in former President Nasser’s prisons where he wrote his most famous books: “In the Shades of Quran,” a highly poetic Quranic commentary, and “Milestones,” by far his most controversial work. ..

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