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Tue109 2018

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The Egyptian government employs against the media arms of Islamic groups (both moderate and militant) would make an interesting study, such as how the semi-legal Egyptian Islamist group Muslim Brotherhood had created an extensive local and international online presence for themselves through their Arab (ikhwanonline.com) and English-language websites (ikhwanweb.com) with different wings...

by: Webster Brooks 2010-11-4
President Obama took office vowing to strike al-Queda forces inside Pakistan if President Zardari’s government failed to ferret out the nations’ terrorists networks...

by: saba7saba7 2009-11-5
Having avoided posting up until now on the Muslim Brotherhood’s much-publicised travails, I’ve decided to do my best to put Magdy Akef’s ‘quasi-resignation’ in context...

Professor Wickham addressed an audience including both Midshipmen and USNA faculty members. She narrated her personal research experience in Middle East and especially Egypt...

by: Osama Diab 2009-9-15
In compliance with the site's policy of adhering and promoting freedom of speech and expression, we have published this article. We agree with many of the issues brought up and discussed since they do reflect the viewpoint of many Egyptians. However, we would like to highlight that we share a different perspective in the points mentioned concerning the Muslim Brotherhood movement...

by: Helena Cobban 2009-7-13
Two key U.S. allies in the Arab world, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, are now both facing succession crises that may absorb, or even split, their political elites. This promises a period of political unpredictability ahead in both countries...

by: Rob 2009-7-12
Marc Lynch highlights a new_book_on_Jihad by the Egyptian cleric Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. This book may be imporant and even influential — but not necessarily in the way that many Americans are hoping...

by: Lawrence Pintak 2009-6-2
The book’s preface is very beneficial as it constitutes the light that takes us through the book and it also sets the tone for the coming chapter through the author’s objective eye. Obviously the author’s objectivity is not only derived from the constant reminder of how different his perspective of issues ..