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ElBaradei criticizes underground Gaza barrier
by: Abdel-Rahman Hussein 2010-4-15
Head of the National Coalition for Change Mohamed ElBaradei criticized the building of a steel barrier beneath the border between Egypt and Gaza, saying it has harmed Egypt’s reputation...

Ex-UN nuclear chief forms reform group in Egypt
Respected worldwide, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and for 12 years the leader of the U.N. nuclear watchdog, Mohammed ElBaradei is positioning himself as a force for change in his homeland...

Editorial: ElBaradei and the intoxication of hope
by: Rania Al Malky 2010-3-3
“The Emperor’s New Clothes” is one such timeless classic that is of particular relevance to Egypt today...

Prosecutor orders elimination of Russian wheat in Daqahlia
by: Safaa Abdoun 2010-2-10
The Prosecutor General’s office in Daqahalia governorate announced on Saturday its decision to eliminate parts of a Russian wheat shipment which was stored by the Central Administration for Seed Certification...

Kefaya coordinator retains seat for another year
CAIRO: The Kefaya Movement for Change’s coordinating committee renewed Wednesday incumbent coordinator Abdel Halim Qandil’s term for one more year amid tension between the opposition movement’s leaders...

Ex-IAEA chief could become Egypt's leading dissident
Former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed ElBaradei’s comments about his candidacy in Egypt’s 2011 presidential elections caused a stirring debate in the country,..

Prominent MB member Aboul Fotouh released after 5-month incarceration
by: Abdel-Rahman Hussein 2009-11-20
Member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) Guidance Office and Secretary General of the Arab Doctors’ Union Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh was released by State Security Tuesday after almost five months of incarceration...

Egypt among states attempting to weaken UN Anti-Corruption Convention enforcement mechanism
by: Sarah Carr 2009-11-15
CAIRO: International NGOs are warning that the United Nation’s global corruption convention will “fail” if states attending the third Conference of States Parties to the treaty in Doha do not agree on an effective review mechanism...

Syrian president urges solid Turkey-Israel relations
Turkey cannot play a significant role in the Middle East peace process if the country does not maintain calm relations with Israel, says Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, in an exclusive interview with daily Hürriyet...

In Focus: The Brotherhood Crisis
by: Khalil Al-Anani 2009-11-2
CAIRO: Since its inception in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has never experienced a crisis like the one it was subjected to last week. The announced reason for the current crisis was the refusal of the MB’s Guidance Bureau (the group’s highest executive body) to promote leading Brotherhood member Essam El-Erian to the Bureau’s membership to replace Mohamed Helal, who passed away three weeks ago...

What if Gamal becomes president?
by: Khalil Al-Anani 2009-10-6
There is a general feeling in Egypt that the plan to groom Gamal Mubarak to succeed his father as the next president has virtually entered the stage of implementation rather than being mere speculation...

by: Nael Shama 2009-9-25
Egypt is politically at a crossroads, and it is important to attempt to look ahead and predict the most plausible forms of regime in the post-Mubarak era...

In Focus: Wasat Party
I do not know why the Party Affairs Committee refused to give legal license to Al-Wasat Party. The reasons for the decision were not convincing at all...

IN FOCUS: Mubarak Regime and Brotherhood: Zero-Sum Game
by: Khalil Al-Anani 2009-7-25
The Egyptian regime has succeeded in scaring the society from and neutralizing it regarding the Muslim Brotherhood. But at the same time it did not succeed in eradicating the Brotherhood from the Egyptian society. The group remains steadfast in the face of the regime’s crackdown...

Three bloggers detained, says rights group
by: Katie Jones 2009-7-24
Madgy Sa’ad, author of the blog "Yalla Mesh Mohem" (Who Cares) and Abd El Rahman Ayyash, of the blog "Al-Ghareeb" (The Stranger) were detained at the airport Wednesday night. The two bloggers were returning from Turkey, where they had attended a conference led by an Islamist preacher...

Western Media Bias Continues in Marwa EL-Sherbini’s Case
by: Ibrahim El-Houdaiby 2009-7-9
Western media constantly points the religious freedom and minority rights issues in the Muslim world. Sometimes the reports are true, and the incidents are cruel, but most of the time they are exaggerated. More importantly, silence is deafening when it comes to the rights of Arabs in Israel. In addition to their daily suffering and enduring social discrimination, some of their political parties were officially banned from participating in the last elections because they are calling for..

Kefaya, opposition forces to stage protests during upcoming Obama visit
by: Essam Fadl 2009-5-15
Opposition forces, including Kefaya, are planning on staging protests during US President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit to Egypt on June 4...

The Brotherhood’s relationship with the US
by: Khalil Al-Anani 2009-4-12
The relationship between the United States and the Muslim Brotherhood will always remain a complex one. This is not only because of the mistrust between the two parties that has increased during the Bush era, which has dealt with the Islamic world with haughtiness, but also because neither party is willing to engage in an unconditional dialogue. ..

The death of youth activism in Egypt?
by: Rania Al Malky 2009-4-12
Ironically touted as “the day of anger”, April 6 this year didn’t seem to trigger much beyond the usual oppressed frustration induced by a regular dose of Cairo traffic...