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by: Helena Cobban 2009-10-11
Mondoweiss today gives us a Youtube clip of Tony Blair dodging a tough question from a University of Buffalo student about the Goldstone report...

by: Helena Cobban 2009-10-11
The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced today that it's awarding the 2009 Nobel peace prize to Barack Obama...

by: Afghanistan: Obama's Vietnam? 2009-9-28
There's a rapidly growing discussion here in the US about "what to do in Afghanistan." Some of it is thoughtful, well-informed, and serious...

by: Helena Cobban 2009-9-18
The Goldstone Commission, appointed in April by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate all violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law that were committed during last winter's Gaza war, has now presented its findings to the Council...

by: Helena Cobban 2009-9-18
Amira Hass had a searing report in Thursday's Haaretz. It's about the killing and slow death during last winter's Gaza war of Ahmed Samouni, age 4, and his father Atiyeh...

by: Helena Cobban 2009-9-18
Another Ramadan, another set of soap operas in the Arab world (along with new seasons of old-established favorites like "Bab al-Hara.")..

by: Helena Cobban 2009-6-8
A couple of hours ago I finished an hour-long, on-the-record interview here in Damascus with the head of Hamas’s political bureau, Khaled Meshaal. ..

by: Don Bacon 2009-4-25
Whaddya got? You got the Israel 2009 pep rally, more formally known as the "AIPAC Policy Conference: The pro-Israel community’s preeminent annual gathering, with world leaders and activists, Policy Conference 2009, May 3-5, Washington, D.C."..

by: Helena Cobban 2009-3-27
To understand some of the internal problems inside Fateh, I found it really helpful to go along and talk to Qaddura Fares, a veteran Fateh activist in his mid-forties who was one of the stalwarts of the First Intifada (1987-93.) Fares grew up in Silwad, the same village in the West Bank north of Ramallah where Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal also grew up-- though Fares said that Meshaal was six years older than him and they never met in their youth..

by: Helena Cobban 2009-1-2
Yesterday, the Israeli air force dropped a large (and most likely US-supplied) bomb on the apartment-building home of Nizar Rayyan, one of the top five leaders of Hamas in Gaza, killing him and 15 family members, including children, and wounding numerous neighbors. The Hamas website reported the killing, and gave a brief eulogy for Rayyan, here. ..

by: Helena Cobban, justworldnews.org 2007-2-18
"The US administration has worked out a package deal with our government," key Muslim Brotherhood (MB) spokesperson Dr. Issam el-Arian told me recently.  "The regime works for US interests in the region, and the US remains silent on its abuses.  That deal  worked for many years.  But it can’t work now in an era of transparency...