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The U.S. needs to get tough with Israel
by: Yousef Munayyer 2011-1-5
When diplomatic sources revealed that the United States was abandoning efforts for an Israeli settlement freeze, many surely did not know whether to laugh or cry. The first two years of U.S.-Israeli relations under the Obama administration has been a debacle. For the next two, what is learned from that failure, and how it's applied, will be of utmost importance...

Christmas and New Year's Eve: More Homeless Palestinian children
by: Dr.Bouthaina Shaaban 2011-1-2
The children gathered around what was, moments ago, their safe haven, the reservoir of their memories, the focus of their happiness, the link between them and their fathers and grandfathers, to see with their innocent eyes every brick of their house turn into rubble...

UK Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg's initiation as Israeli stooge
From champion of the vulnerable to betrayer in one bound! Nick Clegg, Britain's new deputy prime minister, is surprisingly agile...

A Bribe Too Good to Refuse
When all else fails, offer money, or in this case weapons for peace (a clear oxymoron) via for a three month settlement construction moratorium in name only...

Obama's Bribe: Palestinians will be the Losers – Again
by: Jonathan Cook 2010-11-25
Watching the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians drag on year after year without conclusion, it is easy to overlook the enormous changes that have taken place on the ground since the Oslo Accords were signed 17 years ago...

Exclusive Report: Evidence of Iran Nuclear Weapons Program May Be Fraudulent
by: Gareth Porter 2010-11-25
Since 2007, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) – with the support of the United States, Israel and European allies UK, France and Germany – has been demanding that Iran explain a set of purported internal documents portraying a covert Iranian military program of research and development of nuclear weapons...

Stonewalling Goldstone
On September 15, 2009, the UN Human Rights Council's (HRC) Goldstone Commission issued its findings on Cast Lead, Israel's war of aggression against Gaza, inflicting enormous loss of life, thousands of injuries, massive human suffering, and vast destruction, despite no provocation or threat to Israeli security...

President Obama Would Rather Kill Palestinians than Feed American Children
"No matter what happens "the Arabs will be blamed….American cowardice – in the face of the immensely powerful Jewish lobby in the US – has produced a situation in which Washington remains supinely silent while Mr. Netanyahu, according to the Israeli paper Yediot Ahronot, threatens to "burn Washington", should President Bill Clinton attempt to force Israel to accept a 13 per cent withdrawal from occupied Arab land." - – Robert Fisk, The Independent, June 1, 1998..

Obama Plays the Fox
On Saturday, 20 December a State Department spokesperson announced that the United States government is actively negotiating with Israel the price of a proposed 90 day cessation of settlement activity on the West Bank (excluding East Jerusalem)...

Israeli Settlers Threaten Sheikh Jarrah
by: Stephen Lendman 2010-11-15
Israeli settlements are illegal under international law, including Fourth Geneva's Article 49..

Arizona State University Students Protest IOF Soldier
A diverse group of Arizona State University students joined together to protest IOF Sargent Nadav Weinberg's lecture on the "Ethics of the IDF."..

Hasbara Lie Exposed: "Staged" Settler Violence is Actually Tree Pruning
by: Maggie Sager 2010-11-7
In a recent Ynet News story, a news group operating within West Bank settlements witnessed “Arabs and Leftists” staging an event in which their olive trees were vandalized, so as to further demonize settlers...

Mahmoud Abbas Caves In: Recognizes the US as a Jewish State [Satire]
by: Mantiq al-Tayr 2010-10-27
In a major breakthrough engineered by the great man of change and hope and who has blocked access to all documents that tell us anything about him, Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPAA), Barrack Hussein Obama, the Israeli Vice President for Palestinian Affairs (IVPPA), Mahmoud , has made a major compromise...

Who are the real prisoners?
by: Bouthaina Shaaban 2010-10-23
When I asked in my previous article, "Until when this conspiracy of silence?" concerning more than eleven thousand Palestinian prisoners kidnapped from their homes by Israeli intelligence officers, and suffering the cruelest torture at the hands of sadist jailers in Israeli prisons...

Ambassador Oren's Invisible Israel
by: Lawrence Davidson 2010-10-23
Michael Oren is the Israeli ambassador to the United States. This means he stands in a line of foreign diplomats who are often quite out of the ordinary. For one thing they may well be ex-Americans...

Israel Torture Palestinian Children by Electric-Shocking
by: Stephen Lendman 2010-10-23
Defence for Children International (DCI) Palestine Section (DCI/Palestine) "is a national section of the international non-government child rights organisation and movement (dedicated) to promoting and protecting the rights of Palestinian children," according to international law principles..

Israel's Longstanding Middle East Plan
In 1982, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs senior advisor Oded Yinon published a revealing document for regional conquest and dominance. Still relevant today, it's titled "A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s, translated, edited, and retitled " The Zionist Plan for the Middle East" (read document below) by distinguished Professor Israel Shahak (1933 – 2001), longtime activist, analyst, and outspoken Israeli critic...

Israel's Right Needs Perpetual War
In the right's view, Negotiations on partitioning the land are an existential danger because they recognize the Palestinians' equal rights, and thereby undermine the Jews' unique status in Eretz Israel...

Killed by Israel Policy: Delayed Exit of a Toddler from Gaza Results in Death
Saturday, a child the same age as my daughter was killed in Gaza. She was not killed by a missile, or a suicide bomber, or any of the other dramatic ways children die in the Middle East. She was killed by an Israeli policy, that the people of Gaza are to be imprisoned as punishment for who the adults voted for...

Palestinian Authority Traitors Serving Israel
by: By Stephen Lendman 2010-10-20
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' duplicitous treachery exposes him as an enemy, not ally, of his people...

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