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Based on a recent USIP report "Hamas: Ideological Rigidity, Political Flexibility" by Paul Scham and Osama abu-Irshaid, this discussion will explore how the international community can detect and take advantage of any willingness by Hamas to compromise, without making ourselves vulnerable to manipulation. How should we interpret this movement, what is the role of Shari'a law in Hama's political behavior and what are the policy implications of the report?..

Many Egyptians, both within the opposition and the ruling party, believe that a swift democratic opening of the country’s political system could lead to a decisive Islamist electoral victory. However, intellectuals of various political leanings view the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Egypt’s largest organized Islamist political group, with suspicion, contending that the MB ultimately aims to replace one undemocratic political system with another. ..

by: Robert Grace 2008-5-13
Over the past several months, Syrian authorities have engaged in a harsh campaign of repression against leading dissidents and human rights activists. The crackdown, overshadowed by developments elsewhere in the region, has received scant media coverage in the U.S. and Europe. ..