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by: By SELCAN HACAOGLU 2010-5-31
Turkey withdrew its ambassador to Israel and canceled three joint military drills on Monday after Israeli commandos killed at least 10 people and wounded dozens aboard a Palestinian aid convoy unofficially sponsored by Turkey...

Egypt's largest opposition movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, announced Saturday it has chosen a new leader, a conservative academic who looks unlikely to challenge the government's relentless crackdown on the group...

THE international Red Cross has confirmed finding "dozens of bodies" in graves and rubble in Farah province, where Afghan officials allege US bombs killed civilians...

by: LEE KEATH and MAGGIE MICHAEL 2008-9-14
For years the shantytown grew in the shadow of a limestone cliff, its wooden shacks and shoddy brick apartments creeping up and spreading over the hill. The whole time, the limestone was cracking inside, slowly and invisibly, from the slum’s own sewage. ..

Firefighters appeared ineffectual Tuesday as they battled the blaze raging through the top floors of the 19th-century palace that houses the Shoura Council. Dozens of fire trucks rushed to the scene, but at least in the early hours, only a few sprayed water on it. Firefighters mainly stayed outside, while the flames spread and ravaged ..

by: RYAN LENZ 2008-3-15
The influx of thousands of U.S. forces has driven down insurgent attacks in Baghdad, but violence elsewhere in Iraq raises questions about whether killings will continue to drop as American forces begin to leave, the United Nations said Saturday...

Egypt’s largest opposition group accused the government of sharply curbing its chances in upcoming local elections by allowing only 60 of its 10,000 potential candidates to register amid an ongoing crackdown against the group. ..

by: Maggie Michael 2008-2-26
n Islamic fundamentalist group accused Egypt ’s government on Thursday of trying to prevent the opposition movement from running in key April local elections by arresting its potential candidates. Egypt’s powerful Muslim Brotherhood vowed, however, to stand defiant against the crackdown and field candidates in the April 8 vote. "They think they will prevent us from exercising our right in defending the nation," Brotherhood leader Mohammed Mahdi Akef told reporters at the group’s h..