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by: Fred Stopsky 2008-4-27
The recent elections in Egypt were marked by pressure exerted upon candidates who ran as members of the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2005, Brotherhood candidates who ran as independents were able to secure about 20% of the votes...

by: Fred Stopsky 2008-4-18
The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhod has recently displayed rather cautious behavior such as refusing to participate in strikes against the government. There apparently is considerable fear among its leaders that President Mubarak is seeking an incident of violence which would allow him to use the full power of government in order to completely disband the Muslim Brotherhood...

by: Fred Stopsky 2008-1-11
The government of President Mubarak has long been hostile to the Muslim Brotherhood which it claims seeks to overthrow democracy in Egypt and substitute a fundamentalist religious government that would be hostile to secular voices and those of women. MOhammad Habib, in an interview with the Daily News of Cairo rejected those complaints and reaffirmed his organization wanted to maintain democracy..