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by: Soumaya Ghannoushi 2008-7-11
Years of peddled fear and demonisation have left vulnerable minorities more isolated and the world fixated by a myth ..

by: Soumaya Ghannoushi 2008-1-24
In this unfolding tragedy, borders have turned into instruments of collective punishment, Israel’s way of bringing Palestinians to their knees..

by: Khaled Diab 2008-1-20
One possible advantage of dictatorships - if the dictator is competent, benign and enlightened - is that the leader has the time to flesh out a vision. Obviously, the downside is that dictators cannot easily be held to account for their failings, nor ousted when they are unpopular - as the efforts to oust President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt amply demonstrate...

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2008-1-12
Public discontent in Egypt has not been solely manifested in ballot boxes (when there are semi-fair elections), demonstrations and newspaper articles. Most Egyptians still feel insecure about expressing themselves in these ways...