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Echoing Edward Said, the legendary Palestinian scholar, Antoine Raffoul addresses the ambiguities of Israel’s "new historians" who, with the clear exception of Ilan Pappe, condemn the occupation but fail to question the legitimacy of the Zionist State. They denounce the 1967 borders but not those violated in 1948. For as long as their celebrated revision of Israeli history continues to evade this core issue, the "new historians" will continue to be part of the problem instead of contributing to the solution...

by: James Petras 2009-9-29
The US seven-year war and occupation of Iraq is driven by several major political forces and informed by a variety of imperial interests...

by: Galal Nassar 2009-9-29
As the first Israeli foreign minister to have visited Latin America for 23 years, in July 2009, Lieberman has recently replicated the experience in 5 African countries...

by: Joshua Blakeney 2009-9-29
This penetrating overview and analysis traces the ideology driving the Obama administration back to the concept of a "Divine America" and the policies applied against the indigenous people of North America...

Lebanon entered the stage of the 9th delay of the presidential elections after the failure of the parliament to modify the constitution. The country enters a new stage of waiting that the opinions differ on its scope...

by: Michael Salla 2007-12-21
The U.S. plans for an attack on Iran envision to sacrifice the Fifth Fleet in order to justify a nuclear retaliation. This is not a hypothetical scenario, but a real option being discussed within the U.S. Joint Chief of Staff cabinet. According to our sources, admiral William Fallon made clear that if such an order was given, he would refuse to follow it and would hand in his resignation along with the entire Centcom headquarter’s. So far only the Navy and Army’s superior officers’ res..

by: General Vinod Saighal 2007-12-21
General Musharraf thought about using the atomic bomb, when provoking the « Glaciers War », in Kargil, 1999. The release of an investigative work containing this - and other worrisome revelations – has been shaking the Indian sub-continent. But the man, who was then only occupying the position of Joint Chief of Staff, has since then seized power and is exerting it with the support of radical Islamic militants. According to General Vinod Saighal, it is urgent that the Pakistanese people..

by: Silvia Cattori, voltairenet 2006-10-22

The Palestinian Vice-Prime Minister, Mr Naser Shaer, was kidnapped on 19 August by Israeli soldiers. Few weeks ago, Voltairenetwork published an exclusive interview with this very respectful personality by the Palestinians...