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by: Sarah Carr 2009-3-25
Blogger Karim Amer’s imprisonment is a violation of international law, United Nations experts have concluded..

by: Khalil Al-Anani* 2009-3-25
Aiming to open dialogue with rivals of the US like Iran, Syria, and Russia and the Afghani Taliban movement, American president Barack Obama treads the steps of dialogue diplomacy. But can Obama follow the same diplomacy with the banned Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?..

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2009-1-29
Despite the fact that the Palestinian cause is pivotal in the discourse of violent and moderate Islamist movements, their discourse is not too different from that of the official Arab elite. This fact came across very clearly during Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip..

by: Yasmine Saleh 2008-12-3
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohamed Mahdy Akef denied news reports that he supports the nomination of Gamal Mubarak, the son of incumbent President Hosni Mubarak, as a presidential candidate...

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2008-12-3
The state assets management plan floated by Egypt’s National Democratic Party is nothing but a failure, not only because of the way the project was announced, as it seemed that the party is still living in the 1950s and 1960s when people used to be taken by surprise, but also because it torpedoes everything the government has done over the past four years in terms of the privatization and liberalization of the Egyptian economy...

by: James Zogby 2008-11-24
On Nov. 5, my office sent an email to tens of thousands of our members and contacts congratulating President-elect Barack Obama. In our message, we noted the historic transformation his victory represented and commended the thousands of Arab Americans who participated in this winning campaign...

by: Yasmine Saleh 2008-11-20
The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) warned of the passing of the “brown” cloud, which is full of toxic chemical material, over the Middle East...

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2008-11-19
Four weeks ago, the Arabs were cursing the American model and gleefully anticipated its fall. It has fallen already because of the financial crisis that hit the global economy. But two weeks ago, everyone suddenly turned to hail the same model that gave Barack Obama the opportunity to become the first black president in American history..

by: Rania Al Malky 2008-11-17
The great thing about globalization is that it forces us to get to know each other. On this hyper-connected information superhighway you discover that someone you’ve been MSN chatting with for the past six months actually lives next door or that a person you bumped into online who is continents away is good friends with your first cousin...

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2008-11-13
How will president-elect Barack Obama deal with moderate Islamists in the Middle East? That is the question that is preoccupying Islamists and Arab authoritarian regimes alike. Despite President Bush’s tragic mistakes in the region, he has played an important role in the Islamists’ rise in many Arab countries, such as Morocco, Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan, before backtracking on the promotion of democracy after Hamas came to power in January 2006...

by: Essam Fadl 2008-11-11
The historical practice of obliging Christians living in a Muslim country to pay the jizyah, a per capita tax levied on a section of an Islamic state’s non-Muslim citizens, isn’t applicable today, a recent study found out...

by: Yasmine Saleh 2008-10-7
CAIRO: MP Hamdy Hassan filed a memo at the People’s Assembly (PA) to the minister of defense, questioning the Egyptian security forces’ role in the rescue of the19 hostages that were abducted from Egypt two weeks ago. ..

by: Yasmine Saleh 2008-9-30
CAIRO: This Ramadan saw the most severe crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, with the arrests of over 145 of its members, the group’s lawyer Mohamed Abdel Maqsoud told Daily News Egypt. ..

by: Yasmine Saleh 2008-9-29
CAIRO: Central Cairo’s Public Attorney on Sunday arrested two theater workers on suspicion of negligence and misuse of public funds that has led to the fire which gutted Egypt’s National Theater on Saturday. Stage manager Girguis Mikhail Hanna and electrician Mohamed Bakry Darwish, were arraigned for failing to follow safety regulations which led to an electric short circuit at iftar time. ..

by: Sarah Carr 2008-9-22
CAIRO: Freedom of religious belief in Egypt “declined” between July 2007 and June 2008, according to the US State Department’s annual assessment of religious freedom throughout the world, the International Religious Freedom Report...

by: Yehia Darwish 2008-9-19
CAIRO: Muslim Brotherhood Political Bureau Chairman Esam El-Erian criticized the portrayal of the Brotherhood in “Nasser,” a biographical TV series currently being aired, according to Ikhwanweb.com. ..

by: Yasmine Saleh 2008-9-11
CAIRO: Ramadan, for many companies and organizations in Egypt, is about networking and socializing through iftar and sohour feasts. It’s no different for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), who organize annual iftars in different governorates, sometimes attracting high profile intellectuals and public figures. ..

by: Ahmed Maged 2008-9-10
CAIRO: Bringing together an estimated 11 million followers in Egypt, Sufism today is undergoing a transformation: the ages old religious practice which has thus far remained apolitical is fast-delving into the political equation...

by: Yasmine Saleh 2008-9-8
CAIRO: The Doctors Without Rights movement denounced the pay raise offered by Minister of Health Hatem El Gabaly to doctors, Dr Mona Mina, official spokesperson of the movement told Daily News Egypt. ..

by: Sarah Carr 2008-8-22
CAIRO: About 120 school teachers expressed their rejection of government plans to link pay increases with teachers’ performance in assessment exams at a protest Thursday...

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