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In the celebration of World Children’s Day, which the world celebrates in November 20 of each year, and this in accordance with the recommendation of the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1954 that all States to establish a world day of celebration of childhood and children fraternity and understanding between children and work to promote and achieve well-being of children around the world According to the date that suits all countries and agreed that date the General Assembly’..

by: Ayman Okail 2008-11-16
The new and unique experience to be witness to the wedding of the Democratic wedding celebration lasted nearly six months until the wedding day in November 4, 2008..

Maat foundation for peace, development and human rights followed the incidents of partisan bullying which newspapers said that it belongs to split leaders on the Ghad Party and its the prisoner leader, Ayman Nour, and the thugs broke into "Nour" office provisional headquarters of the Ghad Party and a number of political forces, and setting fire and destroying a number of existing businesses buildings one of them Grube Branch, in Talaat Harb Square...

Maat center ended yesterday the project of "Voter’s Vote" in a conference attended by Dr.Ali Al Deen Helal, the ex-minister of youth, a member of the Arabic Connection for Democracy, and informative trustee in the National Party. The conference was also attended by Yemeni delegation headed by Mr. Mohamed Alaedaroos, a member in ..

Maat center followed up parliament sessions the day before yesterday- Sunday- the session, which witnessed the agree of the National Party’s majority on extending Emergency Law enforcement for the coming two years, while on the other side opposition representatives, independent representatives, and Muslim Brotherhood representatives refuse this extension...

Maat center received the news of the Egyptian parliament’s discussion around republic president’s decision to extend the enforcement of Emergency Law, without regarding emergency case’s deletion if the new law to challenge terrorism is issued, with severe surprise and unique astonishing..

Maat center for Juridical and Constitutional Studies watched- from a distance- the parliament completing elections process in some electoral districts which had vacant seats for different reasons. Maat showed some notes about this process to indicate the election process future generally in Egypt… ..

When it was proved that he is not guilty of any accusation to be sent for judiciary so he was sent to Abo Zaabal Jail, and because of what he faces of actions humiliate dignity and violate all human rights he tried to suicide more than once…by electricity…by drinking iodine tincture after which he was sent to the jail’s hospital…finally he hung himself...

Is Maat center for Judicial and Constitutional Studies treats the security body as an enemy?! many people said "yes" but the center’s manager Ayman Oqeel Said "no" and added: surely Maat Center never treats the security body as an enemy..