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by: Ali El-Bahnasawy 2009-12-2
W hat is it with shifts in American foreign policy and the month of November? On the first Thursday of November 2003, the United States changed its foreign policy toward Egypt...

by: Dina Basiony 2009-5-11
Defying tradition, Mohamed Mahdi Akef decides to retire as the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood..

by: Dina Basiony 2008-11-20
Ibrahim Eissa remains a free man, if not exactly innocent in the eyes of the law. A presidential pardon issued October 6 meant the controversial editor in chief of independent daily Al-Dostour would not have to serve a two-month prison sentence for publishing false information that harmed national interests..

by: James Chester 2008-11-20
The intricacies of democracy are a mystery, at least for many of the country’s rural poor — and especially for the politically and economically disenfranchised women of the agricultural heartlands of Egypt. But local councilors Fatheya Rezk Abdel-Rahman, Hoda Salah Sayed and Huwaida Abd El-Atti Abdullah from rural Assiut have achieved a unique victory: The three women won seats at the April 2008 local council elections. Like the non-governmental organization that encouraged them to run..

by: Dina Basiony 2008-11-20
By all indications, this year has been the spring, summer, fall and winter of discontent. Public frustration has been building over stagnating wages and rising prices, sexual harassment and reports of torture and abuse of prisoners in police custody. Not so long ago, people would have complained more or less quietly around their kitchen tables and left it at that. But attitudes are changing as protestors take their complaints to the streets with little fear of who can hear them...

by: Safaa Abdoun 2007-12-22
The governing National Democratic Party’s (NDP) ninth annual conference in early November saw top party officials meet with members from all over the country to discuss policy, focusing on three main objectives: reorganization of the party’s key positions and committees, the election of a chairman and the evaluation of the party and government’s performance. Old divisions between generations and “guards” were given a makeover, with evidently little change in the resulting balance of po..

by: Ethar Kamal El-Katatney* 2007-11-21
Egypt Today speaks with three of the most influential and progressive voices in the modern Islamic world. Their message? That Muslims have a key role to play in todays society, both in Islamic countries and in the West. ..

by: Cache Seel 2007-11-18
Rulers have come and gone, but none have won the trust of the the Eastern Desert’s tribes. Now that the Beja tribes are grudgingly considering settlements, is this the end of the “Fuzzy-Wuzzy” way of life?..

by: Ethar Kamal El-Katatney* 2007-11-13
Fifty years ago it was communists—today, Arabs and Islam are the token ’enemy’ the West must fight. So grave is the threat that some have set aside an entire week for this precise purpose. ..

The banned-but-tolerated Muslim Brotherhood is now the biggest (if unofficial) opposition group in Parliament...