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by: Dalia Mogahed 2010-2-6
WASHINGTON, DC: The American people and their openness to Muslim communities will in many ways determine the success of US President Barack Obama’s global engagement initiative,..

by: Isabelle Dana 2010-1-7
The Islamic state is a controversial issue in the West, as recent news confirms...

by: Leena El-Ali 2009-12-23
Prophet Muhammad’s preaching was new and therefore viewed with suspicion and considered illegitimate by most of the Jews and Christians of the time, notes Leena El-Ali...

Critics pointed to the deafening silence of the vast majority of Western media outlets that they say would have used the story for their headlines had the roles been reversed – if the Egyptian Muslim woman was the murderer rather than the victim. This long-standing bias, and the trigger of the recent lack of coverage, provoked anger from activists around the world and caused many to blame media that they perceive as routinely stereotyping Muslims as terrorists...

by: Sheikh Ibrahim Ramadan 2008-2-3
Freedom is to creativity what the soul is to the body. The Qur’an affirms individual freedom and underscores its relevance as it pertains to our individual decisions. Even the pivotal issue of religion, namely faith versus non-belief in God, was left to individual choice: “Whosoever will, let him believe, and whosoever will, let him disbelieve” (Qur’an 18:29)...

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2007-11-8
What exactly do Western governments and policymakers want from Islamists, i.e. individuals and groups who believe that their system of government should be based on Islamic principles?..

by: Sri Murniati 2007-9-6
The main question that lies in the debate about Islamic parties and democracy in Indonesia is whether Islamic parties, with their seemingly minimal commitment to democracy, can contribute to the ongoing process of democratisation. ..

by: Claude Salhani 2007-9-6
The solution to the turmoil gripping Muslim society today may be found in reintroducing ijtihad. Re-opening the gates of ijtihad will allow Muslims "to reinterpret Islam for the 21st century," states a comprehensive August 2004 special report produced by the United States Institute of Peace...