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by: Khwaja Mohammed Zubair (Remadan Reflections) 2010-8-28
The Arabic word for mosque is ‘masjid’, which means a place where one prostrates oneself, or a place of worship...

by: Mohamad Bazzi 2010-7-15
When he took office, US President Barack Obama made it a priority to restore US credibility after the damage done by his predecessor. Obama pledged to revamp America’s relationship with the Arab and Muslim worlds, raising hopes for a dramatic change in US policy...

by: Uri Avnery 2010-3-9
Using holy sites to justify conquest and massacres is by no means an Israeli, or Jewish, invention. One of the most abominable examples is the First Crusade. Pope Urban II called upon the Christians of Europe to rise and liberate the Holy Sepulcher — not the country of Palestine, not the city of Jerusalem, but one specific site...

by: John Defterios 2010-2-22
Egyptians normally cringe at the thought because they believe the image represents the past and they want to be seen as modern like some of their Gulf neighbours with an abundance of mirrored skyscrapers...

This is with reference to the news, ‘France Moves to Outlaw Burqa (KT, January 24)...

by: Dr Muqtedar Khan 2009-12-19
There are many stories that contemporary Imams rarely tell their congregations. The story of Mukhayriq, a Rabbi from Madina is one such story...

by: Maryam Ismail 2009-6-15
The standards have dropped so low, we can’t separate the joke from the insult.” I said to myself, “I am with you brother Cornel West” as I read it in his Democracy Matters. This was how I felt when I listened to President Obama’s Cairo speech...

by: Aijaz Zaka Syed 2009-6-13
A strange thing happened this week. Hundreds of villagers in Pakistan’s Northwest turned on Taleban fighters after a suicide attack on a mosque killed more than 40 worshippers during the Friday prayers. ..

Political risk is rising on the banks of the Nile. Egypt’s inflation rate has trebled in the past year to 20 per cent, triggering the worst wave of street protests and worker riots since an enraged mob torched the heart of Cairo in the late 1940’s, forcing the withdrawal of British colonial troops and the demise of King Farouk’s dynasty and its feudal Pashacracy. ..

LATEST movements in Washington’s war lobby indicate a reassessment of the Iraq policy with Iran slowly replacing Al Qaeda as the prime terrorism threat as officials juggle with justification for continued surge level troops...

by: Jonathan Power 2008-1-21
AFTER the surge are we losing the fight? The fight for democracy that is. For 15 years I have watched, fascinated, curious, and exulted, as the New York-based organisation, Freedom House, has chronicled each year the rise and spread of democracy...

Despite a highly marketed effort at modernisation, Egypt’s ruling party is still centred on one man and draws much of its loyalty from its function as a patronage machine, analysts say. ..

by: Aijaz Zaka Syed 2007-10-13
THERE are some things I never seem to figure. What, for instance, the UK authorities are still trying to prove or disprove, a decade after the death of Princess Diana and boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed?..

by: Noam Chomsky 2007-8-30
In Washington a remarkable and ominous campaign is under way to "contain Iran," which turns out to mean "containing Iranian influence," in a confrontation that Washington Post correspondent Robin Wright calls "Cold War II."..