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by: Dominic Moran 2008-3-29
The Egyptian government has intensified its security crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in recent weeks in a clear effort to keep its primary political rival off-balance ahead of nation-wide local elections on 8 April...

by: Dominic Moran 2007-9-29
Egypt is on the edge of its greatest political upheaval in a quarter century, and must foster genuine and inclusive civil, media, political and security reforms to prevent a potentially fraught transition of power...

by: Dominic Moran 2007-8-21
Pressure applied to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood may inadvertently pave the way for Islamic extremism to take hold...

by: Ramzy Baroud 2007-8-6
The name of Alberto Gonzales is rapidly becoming synonymous with all that has gone wrong under the Bush administration. Repeated media discussions of the US Secretary of State in the most contentious tones have served to lay the blame for all the ailments that infected American democracy under Bush squarely on one man’s shoulders...

by: Saifedean Ammous 2007-8-5
"Rootless Cosmopolitan" -- --- While in Paris a few weeks ago, whenever I would discuss Middle East politics with anyone, I would be overwhelmed with the traditional refrains of classical anti-Americanism: “they have no culture and deal with the world as if it had no culture”, “they have no morality in their foreign policy”, “they go to war for oil and money” and so on with inane over-simplified stereotypes. Soon after would come the cackle of self-righteous pride: “we Europeans are di..