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by: HOSNI MUBARAK 2009-6-20
President Barack Obama’s seminal address in Cairo marked a turning point in America’s relations with the Muslim world. His message was clear and incontrovertible: It is issues of politics and policy, not a clash of values, that separate the Muslim world and America. It is the resolution of these issues that will heal the divide...

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is on the defensive, its struggles reverberating throughout Islamist movements that the secretive organization has spawned world-wide...

by: Gerald F. Seib 2009-5-13
When the White House had to decide in recent days where President Barack Obama would deliver a high-profile speech directed at the Muslim world, a debate broke out among his advisers...

by: Yaroslav Trofimov 2009-4-21
Egypt won’t let the global downturn derail its economic liberalization, the ruling party’s top policy maker, Gamal Mubarak, said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal..

by: Mariam Fam 2008-5-4
Facebook here has evolved into a lot more than just a social-networking Web site: It has become one of the latest tools for political dissent in Egypt...

by: David Rogers 2007-6-19
Amid conflicting signals from the Bush administration, the Republican-led House narrowly rejected a bid to cut $100 million from U.S. aid to Egypt as a protest of its suppression of political dissent. ..